Top LED Driver ICs of 2023: March Edition

Top LED Driver ICs of 2023: March Edition

LED driver ICs protect LEDs from voltage or current fluctuations. Designed to run on low voltage and direct current electricity, LED Driver ICs are used to keep the voltage and current flowing through an LED circuit at its rated level. The growth of the LED Driver IC market is attributed to growing energy-efficient lighting consumption, rising programmable LED driver development, and rising acknowledgment of smart infrastructure in developing nations. In this article, everything PE has listed some interesting LED Driver ICs that were trending on the website.

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Charge Pump LED Driver IC for Backlighting Applications

The SC621 from Semtech is a Charge Pump LED Driver IC that has been optimized for use in single-cell Li-ion battery applications. It requires an input voltage of 3 – 5.5 V and provides an output voltage of 2.5 - 5.25 V. This LED driver consists of a multi-mode fractional charge pump, four LEDs, a 400 mA flash LED, two LDOs, SemWire digital interface and logic control, an oscillator, a current setting DAC, a voltage setting DAC, flash control, and a battery. This charge pump provides backlight current in conjunction with four matched current sinks and supplies either continuous or burst-type current to a flash LED using the dedicated flash driver current sink. It includes an optional fade-in/fade-out function that gradually adjusts the backlight current, thereby simplifying the control software. This LED driver IC also offers a flash time-out feature to disable the flash if it remains active for more than a second. It uses the two low-dropout, low-noise linear voltage regulators for powering a camera module or other peripheral circuits. Read more.

Three-Channel Linear LED Driver IC

The AL1783 from Diodes Incorporated is a Three-Channel Linear LED Driver IC that has been designed to target connected, commercial, industrial, and RGB LED lighting applications.  It requires an input voltage of 6.5 - 60 V. This AEC-Q100 qualified LED driver IC includes circuits for current reference, dimming signal processing, PWM control, oscillator, pre-regulator, and current ratio. It provides independent PWM dimming and current-setting controls for each channel. This LED driver IC’s key merits are attributed to a compact solution, eBOM cost effectiveness, excellent PWM dimming performance, low standby power, ease of system implementation, and up to 60V input and LED pin operating voltage. This RoHS-compliant LED driver IC is available in a surface-mount package that measures 4.90 x 6.80 mm and is ideal for RGB lighting, horticulture lighting, architecture lighting, industrial lighting, commercial lighting, i.e., ceiling and panel lighting, and connected lighting applications. Read more.

Automotive Qualified Smart Matrix LED Controller IC

The ASL5008FHN from NXP Semiconductors is a fully featured and flexible Matrix LED Controller (MLC) IC that is ideal for automotive lighting, matrix/pixel high beam (ADB / Glare-Free High Beam - GFHB), matrix/pixel low beam (ADB), dynamic turning indicator, welcoming scenarios, and dynamic rear lights applications. It requires an input voltage of 5 V. This IC provides a cost-effective design solution that specifically targets advanced automotive exterior lighting systems. It uses polynomial coefficients to calculate the PWM duty cycle to 12-bit resolution and provides the capability to increase the speed of the PWM dimming curve dynamically or sequentially combine several PWM dimming curves together. This AEC-Q006 qualified LED driver IC has the functionality to correct the LED brightness variations to ensure a homogenous light output from LEDs that have luminance variations with the same LED current. Read more.

8 x 8 LED Display Driver IC for Industrial & Medical Applications

The AS1106 from ams AG is an 8 x 8 LED Display driver IC that is ideal for bar-graph displays, instrument-panel meters, LED matrix displays, dot matrix displays, set-top boxes, white goods, professional audio equipment, industrial controllers and panel meters, and medical equipment applications. It requires an input voltage of 2.7 - 5.5 V. This LED driver consists of an integrated BCD code-B/HEX decoder, multiplex scan circuitry, software reset function, external clock, segment and display drivers, and 64-bit memory. It stores the LED settings in the internal memory, thereby eliminating the need for continuous device reprogramming. This LED driver uses only one external resistor (RSET) to control and set the amount of current flowing through the LED display along with special analog and digital techniques to adjust the LED. It can be programmed to use the internal code-B/HEX decoder to display numeric digits or to directly address each segment. Read more.

200 V Offline EL Lamp Driver IC for Display Applications

The HV809 from Microchip Technology is an Offline High Voltage EL Lamp Driver IC that has been designed for driving EL lamps with a capacitance of up to 350 nF at 400 Hz. It requires an input voltage of 50 - 200 V. This lamp driver primarily consists of a high-voltage output H-bridge, an output linear regulator, and two internal oscillators. It uses an externally connected resistor to set the frequency of the output H-bridge with an RC network to pulse the EL lamp between ON and OFF states. This IC can be driven using rectified nominal 120 V AC source or any other DC source operating up to 200 V. It generates an AC square wave with a peak-to-peak voltage of 400 V to drive the input of an EL lamp. This driver IC is available in a surface-mount package that measures 4.8 x 5.8 mm and is ideal for electronic organizers, portable instrumentation equipment, handheld portable computers, and display applications. Read more.

AEC-Q100 Qualified PWM Dimmable LED Driver

The IS32LT3961 from Lumissil Microsystems is a PWM Dimmable Buck Regulator LED Driver that is ideal for automotive matrix lights, automotive turn/stop lights, daytime running lamps (DRLs), fog lights, map lights, and motorcycle headlight applications. It requires a DC supply of 5 - 60 V and provides an output current of up to 2 A. This LED driver integrates an N-channel MOSFET to operate in a buck configuration and externally connects a resistor at the high side to maintain a steady LED output current, thereby allowing the output voltage to be automatically adjusted for a wide range of LED configurations. It runs in fixed frequency mode during switching and configures the on-time using an external resistor connected between the VCC and TON pins (switching frequency). This driver dithers the switching frequency to allow the electromagnetic energy to spread over a wider frequency band, which helps in optimizing the EMI performance. Read more.

12-Channel LED Driver for RGB Lighting and Wearable Applications

The LED1202 from STMicroelectronics is a 12-Channel LED Driver IC that is ideal for RGB LED lighting, fade-in, and fade-out breathing effects, indicator lights for wearable electronics, portable accessories, and battery-powered applications. It requires an input voltage of 2.6 - 5V. This LED driver is equipped with 12 low-side current generators that provide independent dimming control operation. It supports an 8-bit analog and a 12-bit PWM-based digital dimming control circuit to independently adjust the output current for each channel. This LED driver offers slow turn-on and turn-off functions to improve the system's low noise generation performance along with a phase shifting function to help reduce the inrush current. An internal volatile memory integrated into this driver allows the user to store up to eight programmable patterns that can be used for automatic sequencing. It uses pattern sequence to estimate the time duration as well as count the number of repetitions. This LED driver IC uses a common clock to provide timing synchronization for multi-device applications. Read more.

Synchronous Step-Down LED Driver for Automotive LED Lighting

The MPQ4425B from Monolithic Power Systems is a Synchronous Step-Down LED Driver that is designed specifically for automotive LED lighting applications. It requires a DC supply of 4 - 36 V and has a continuous output current of 1.5 A. This synchronous LED driver offers high efficiency and provides a fast transient response and eases loop stabilization. It has a switching frequency of 400 kHz and a PWM dimming frequency of 100 MHz. This AEC-Q100-qualified LED driver has over-current protection with valley-current detection and thermal shutdown features. It is available in a through-hole package that measures 2.5 x 3 mm. Read more.

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