Amperon and WattTime Partner on Electric Grid Decarbonization

Amperon and WattTime Partner on Electric Grid Decarbonization

Amperon, a leader in AI-powered electricity demand forecasts, announced it is incorporating hourly marginal carbon emissions data from WattTime into its suite of load management and forecasting offerings. This new partnership will enable companies to measure the carbon footprint of their electricity demand hourly, identify gaps in zero-carbon power supply, and improve the accuracy of enterprise carbon accounting.

Amperon, which is backed by leading utility and climate investors, powers thousands of electricity demand forecasts on a robust infrastructure that is adept at managing time-series electricity data and ingesting data from the different grids/ISOs across North America. Enhancing their forecasts with this new layer of data from WattTime, Amperon can incorporate estimates of avoided carbon emissions when companies take proactive approaches to reduce their electricity usage at times when grid emissions are high.

"With the integration of hourly marginal carbon emissions data into our platform, Amperon can significantly help our customers more accurately understand their carbon impacts related to electricity and take action, just like we have been accurately providing demand forecasts for the last five years to our customers," said Sean Kelly, CEO and co-founder of Amperon.

Both the supply and demand sides of energy markets will be able to take advantage of more accurate carbon emissions data to:

  • More effectively construct, price, measure and operationalize portfolio offerings to their large end-user customers that leverage the impact of reduced carbon emissions per dollar
  • Assess net open positions for zero-carbon energy to then identify and fill the gaps in their contract portfolios,
  • Optimize operations to curtail load when carbon intensity is at its highest on the grid, and
  • Provide more accurate Scope 2 emissions insights that will reflect the time and location of both electricity usage and local grid carbon intensity, instead of relying on annual summary data.

Many of the most sustainable companies are leveraging marginal emissions data from WattTime to reduce emissions and accelerate the electric grid's transition to net zero. WattTime is an environmental tech non-profit founded by UC Berkeley researchers, which develops data-driven tools and policies to increase environmental and social good. Through this partnership, Amperon and WattTime will empower both the supply (power generators) and demand sides (large C&I consumers) to accelerate their climate impact.

"Helping both sides of the grid more accurately measure carbon emissions will accelerate decarbonization on multiple fronts, whether that means informing load-shifting decisions for large power consumers to use cleaner sources, or guiding the creation of clean energy portfolios that can be economically competitive while having the most impact," said Gavin McCormick, founder, and executive director of WattTime. "Navigating the energy transition from either side of the grid requires more granular data, and this partnership with Amperon will help get that information into the hands that need it most."