MUSES Introduces High-Quality JFET Input Dual Audio Operational Amplifiers

MUSES Introduces High-Quality JFET Input Dual Audio Operational Amplifiers

MUSES, a renowned name in audio technology, has introduced the MUSES8920A, a top-of-the-line JFET input dual operational amplifier designed for high-end audio applications. This amplifier is meticulously engineered to deliver exceptional audio quality, making it a perfect fit for professional studios, high-fidelity home audio setups, car audio systems, and portable audio devices.

Key Features of MUSES8920A:

  • Low Noise: With a typical noise level of 8.0nV/√Hz at f=1kHz, the MUSES8920A ensures pristine audio reproduction, free from unwanted noise artifacts.
  • Low Distortion: Achieving a distortion rate as low as 0.0004% at f=1kHz, this amplifier preserves the original audio signal integrity with remarkable fidelity.
  • High Slew Rate: Boasting a slew rate of 25V/μs, the MUSES8920A delivers rapid response and dynamic performance, capturing the nuances of music with precision.
  • Gain Bandwidth Product: With an impressive bandwidth product of 11MHz, this amplifier supports a wide range of audio frequencies with clarity and accuracy.
  • Low Input Bias Current: Featuring a minimal input bias current of 5pA, the MUSES8920A maintains signal purity and minimizes signal distortion.
  • Operating Voltage: Designed to operate within a voltage range of ±3.5V to ±17V, the amplifier offers versatility and compatibility with various audio systems.
  • Package Options: Available in SOP8 JEDEC 150mil (EMP8) and DFN8-X7 (ESON8-X7) packages, providing flexibility for different circuit designs and space constraints.

Applications and Market Impact: The MUSES8920A finds extensive use in high-performance audio equipment such as I/V converters, preamplifiers, active filters, headphone amplifiers, and line amplifiers. Its exceptional specifications make it a preferred choice among audio enthusiasts, professionals, and manufacturers looking to deliver uncompromising audio quality in their products.

Availability: The MUSES8920A is now available for integration into premium audio systems, catering to the demanding requirements of audiophiles and professionals seeking the pinnacle of sound reproduction excellence.