X-FAB Upgrades 180 nm Automotive Grade High Voltage CMOS Foundry Solution

X-FAB Upgrades 180 nm Automotive Grade High Voltage CMOS Foundry Solution

X-FAB Silicon Foundries, a leading analog/mixed-signal and specialty foundry, has updated its XP018 high-voltage CMOS semiconductor fabrication platform with new 40 V and 60 V high-voltage primitive devices which feature an extended SOA for improved operational robustness. These 2nd generation high-voltage primitive devices exhibit up to a 50% reduction in RDSon figures compared to the previous version. This offers an alternative that is better positioned to address certain key applications - particularly where devices’ footprints need to be reduced and unit costs minimized.

The XP018 platform is a modular 180 nm high-voltage EPI technology solution, based on a low mask count 5 V single-gate core module. It supports an extended temperature range of -40 to 175°C. It offers a wide range of optional devices and modules, including high-gain bipolar devices, standard and high-capacitance MIM capacitors, multi-threshold (Vt) options, Schottky diodes, and depletion devices.

The platform is supported by high-reliability automotive NVM solutions, such as embedded Flash, EEPROM, and OTP, making it specifically designed for cost-sensitive and robust automotive, industrial, and medical applications.

In addition to the new 40 V/60 V devices, the platform has been enhanced by the inclusion of 5.3 V Zener diodes. The new low-leakage Zener diode is designed to protect the gate oxide in critical applications, such as Wide Bandgap gate driver applications. Furthermore, there are also new isolated drain high-voltage devices up to 24V and a new 1.8 V medium Vt option on offer.

Tilman Metzger, Product Line Manager for High-Voltage at X-FAB, comments: “With this update of our XP018 platform we are demonstrating X-FAB’s commitment to enhancing established technologies. XP018 has been in production for more than a decade and still sees widespread adoption for new designs from our focus market segments: automotive, industrial, and medical. The new competitive high-voltage devices and updates will enable our customers to implement more innovative and cost-effective products. Designers utilizing the new XP018 primitive devices have access to comprehensive PDK support across major EDA platforms like Cadence, Siemens EDA, and Synopsys, ensuring seamless integration and optimization for a range of applications.”