Charging Robotics and Make My Day to Deploy AI based EV Charging Management System

Charging Robotics and Make My Day to Deploy AI based EV Charging Management System

Xylo Technologies, a technology-based company engaged in advanced innovative technologies, announces that Charging Robotics, an innovator of wireless charging solutions held 67% by Xylo, as part of its collaboration with Make My Day Ltd. ("Make My Day”), a market leader in the field of electric vehicle (EV) fleet management for minimizing EV battery consumption, reached the final stages of development of their software for EV charging management in automatic car parks.

The charging management system uses machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms in an attempt to meet the growing shortage of electricity for EV charging. With the rise in EV adoption, there is growing concern that a given facility’s available electricity supply will not be sufficient to fully charge all EVs parked in the typical automatic parking facility in the required time. In order to address this need, Charging Robotics and Make My Day jointly developed a charging management software that allows the wireless system in automatic car parks to prioritize the charge sequence for all present EVs and deliver the exact amount of electricity each EV needs.

This software uses predictive machine learning and AI algorithms to supply each EV the required amount of electricity needed for their respective driver’s planned drives. It also prioritizes the charge order based on the planned departure time of each driver, the vehicle type, driving style and other parameters. This software is based on Make My Day’s expertise in EV fleet management with the adaptations to the Charging Robotics system for wireless charging in automatic parking facilities. The software is seamlessly integrated into the Charging Robotics user interface and works with Charging Robotics’ system for wireless charging in automatic car parks, allowing drivers to charge EVs in places where the driver cannot physically access a charging plug.

Charging Robotics recently installed its wireless charging system as part of a pilot project in an automatic parking facility in Tel Aviv, Israel.

“We are pleased with the cooperation with Make My Day in developing this exciting feature. We believe that it will add value for our future customers and allow them to use limited electricity supply to optimally charge their EVs” said Hovav Gilan, CEO of Charging Robotics.