Bourns Unveils Isolation Power Transformers for Automotive Battery Management Systems

Bourns Unveils Isolation Power Transformers for Automotive Battery Management Systems

Bourns, a leading manufacturer and supplier of electronic components for power, protection, and sensing solutions, has introduced its second-generation High Clearance/Creepage Distance Isolation Power Transformer Model HCT8xxxxEAL Series. These AEC-Q200 compliant, automotive-grade push-pull high voltage isolation transformers offer a high reliability, compact solution that delivers reinforced insulation for working voltages up to 800 V and basic insulation for working voltages up to 1000 V.

By providing a separate reinforced insulating layer that protects against dangerous voltages, the Model HCT8xxxEAL Series helps designers better meet their safety and reliability goals compared to competitive isolation transformers that are only capable of functional insulation. The advanced features in this series make these transformers ideal for use in isolation applications in automotive Battery Management Systems (BMS), RS-485, CAN interface, digital input module and RS-323 isolation designs.

Bourns’ latest high voltage isolation transformers feature 3.3 or 5 V input to various output voltages per turn (up to 350 mA in various turns ratio configurations). Manufactured in a fully automated line that maximizes device quality and reliability, the Model HCT8xxxxxEAL Series is designed with Bourns’ unique over-molding technology that uses cost-effective FIW wire to deliver superior efficiency. In addition to the reinforced isolation with an 8 mm minimum clearance/creepage distance that delivers an elevated level of isolation from high voltage hazards, this series is compliant with IEC 62368-1 and IEC 61558-1 standards. Bourns developed these new transformers for isolation power supplies that employ Texas Instruments Model SN6501 and SN6505 transformer drivers. The RoHS-compliant Bourns HCT8xxxxEAL Series is now available for sale.

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