Toshiba Unveils 1200 V SiC MOSFET Module for Industrial Power Supplies

Toshiba Unveils 1200 V SiC MOSFET Module for Industrial Power Supplies

Toshiba has started mass production of a 3rd generation silicon carbide (SiC) 1200 V and drain current (DC) rating 400 A of SiC MOSFET module “MG400Q2YMS3” for industrial equipment and has expanded its lineup.The new product MG400Q2YMS3 offers low conduction loss with low drain-source on-voltage (sense) of 0.9 V (typ.). It also offers low switching loss with both turn-on switching loss and turn-off switching loss of 13 mJ (typ.). These help to reduce the power loss of equipment and the size of the cooling device.

MG400Q2YMS3 has a low stray inductance of 12 nH (typ.) and is capable of high-speed switching. In addition, it suppresses surge voltage in switching operation. Thus, it is available for high-frequency isolated DC-DC converters.

Toshiba’s SiC MOSFET module of 2-153A1A package has a lineup of five existing products, MG250YD2YMS3 (2200 V / 250 A), MG400V2YMS3 (1700 V / 400 A), MG250V2YMS3 (1700 V / 250 A), and MG600Q2YMS3 (1200 V / 600 A),  including new products. This provides a wider range of product selection. Toshiba will continue to meet the needs for high efficiency and the downsizing of industrial equipment.

Key features

  • Low drain-source on-voltage (sense):
    VDS(on)sense=0.9 V (typ.) (ID=400 A, VGS=+20 V, Tch=25 °C)
  • Low turn-on switching loss:
    Eon=13 mJ (typ.) (VDD=600 V, ID=400 A, Tch=150 °C)
  • Low turn-off switching loss:
    Eoff=13 mJ (typ.) (VDD=600 V, ID=400 A, Tch=150 °C)
  • Low stray inductance:
    LsPN=12 nH (typ.)

Key applications

  • Industrial equipment
    • Auxiliary power supply for railway vehicles
    • Renewable energy power generation systems
    • Motor control equipment for industrial equipment
    • High-frequency DC-DC converters, etc.