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The HL7136WL01 from Halo Microelectronics is a Dual Phase Fast Direct Charger IC that has been designed to enable single-cell Li-ion and Li-based polymer batteries. It requires an input voltage of 3 - 11.7 V and provides an output voltage of up to 5.5 V. This BMIC includes a dual-phase switched capacitor converter and a reverse-blocking MOSFET (QRB FET). It is optimized in architecture to enable a 50% duty cycle operation under charge pump (CP) mode. This charger IC allows the output voltage to be half of the input voltage and the output current to be twice that of the input current, thereby reducing the losses over the input power cable and limiting the temperature rise. It also utilizes the bypass mode (BP) to pass the input voltage via the internal power FETs without any conversion.

This direct charger embeds a 12-bit ADC that provides system parametric information such as input voltage, output voltage, input current, and battery voltage to the system for optimizing charge control operation. It consists of over-voltage protection (OVP), over-current protection (OCP), NTC protection, and a watchdog timer to prevent short-circuit-related damages. This BMIC is available in a wafer-level package that measures 2.65 x 2.61 mm and is ideal for smartphones, tablet PC, and mobile IoT applications.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Halo Microelectronics
  • Description
    Dual Phase Fast Direct Charger IC for IoT Applications


  • Configuration
    Battery Charger
  • Cell Chemistry
    Li-Ion, Li-Polymer
  • Supply Voltage
    3 to 11.7 V
  • Charge Current
    5 A
  • Dimension
    2.65 x 2.61 mm
  • Application
    Smartphones, Tablet PC, and Mobile IoT Applications
  • Package Type

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