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The G0 from GEM Motors is an In-Wheel Synchronous Multi-Phase Electric Motor that is ideal for AGV, industrial utility vehicles, trolleys, carts, pallet movers, wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and ground support equipment applications. It requires an input voltage of 48 V. This electric motor delivers a peak output power of 700 W and has an efficiency of up to 92%. It provides a torque of 30 Nm and has a speed of 200 rpm. This electric motor provides a streamlined, high-torque propulsion system, enhancing overall efficiency compared to traditional central motors with transmissions. It aligns with future trends by positioning the solution close to the wheel, which reduces weight and complexity while optimizing space utilization. This electric motor revolutionizes propulsion systems by offering a lighter, simpler alternative with fewer parts, bidding farewell to heavy and complex setups. It is available in a single/double-sided-mount package that measures 210 x 164 mm.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    GEM motors
  • Description
    700 W In-Wheel Synchronous Multi-Phase Electric Motor


  • Vehicle Type
    Light Electric Vehicle, Heavy Electric Vehicle
  • Motor Type
    Synchronous Motor
  • Mass
    8 Kg
  • Motor Speed
    200 rpm
  • Peak Torque
    80 Nm
  • Peak Power
    1 kW
  • Continous Torque
    30 Nm
  • Continous Power
    700 W
  • Operating Temperature
    -5 to 50 Degree C
  • IP Rating
  • Dimension
    210 x 164 mm(W x D)
  • Application
    AGV, industrial utility vehicles, trolleys, carts, pallet movers, wheel chairs, mobility scooters, ground support equipment

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