AP7387 Series

LDO Voltage Regulator by Diodes Incorporated (81 more products)

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The AP7387 Series from Diodes Incorporated are LDO Voltage Regulators that operate from 5 to 60 V. These fixed voltage regulators have a dropout voltage of 700-1100 mV and an output current of up to 150 mA. They are available at 3 V, 3.3 V, 3.6 V, and 5 V fixed output voltages. These LDO voltage regulators offer a very fast line/load transient response against the rapid input voltage and load current changes. They consist of voltage reference, an error amplifier, a current-limit circuit for current protection, short-circuit protection, and thermal shutdown protection circuits. These AEC-Q100/11/200 qualified LDO regulators are available in a surface-mount package and are ideal for battery-powered equipment, smoke detectors and sensors, EV and HEV battery management systems, home appliances, and microcontroller applications.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
    AP7387 Series
  • Manufacturer
    Diodes Incorporated
  • Description
    LDO Voltage Regulators for Power Management Applications


  • Type of Output
  • Input Voltage
    5 to 60 V
  • Output Voltage
    3 to 5 V
  • Dropout Voltage
    1.1 to 1.35 mV
  • Output Current
    150 mA
  • Quiescent Current
    2 uA
  • Temperature operating range
    -40 to 85 degree C
  • Applications
    Battery Powered Equipment, Home Appliances, Smoke Detectors and Sensors, EV and HEV battery management systems, Microcontroller Applications
  • Package Type
    Surface Mount

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