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TQL821CSV33 RLG Image

The TQL821CSV33 is a Low Dropout Linear Voltage Regulator that is ideal for automotive power supply systems and general power supply applications. It requires an input voltage of 3 V to 50 V. This LDO provides a fixed output voltage of 3.3 V and has a dropout voltage of less than 170 mV. It is designed to offer a high accuracy output voltage tolerance of ±2% in both load and line regulation. This AEC-Q100 qualified LDO connects an enable pin that switches the system between ON and OFF states to maintain power dissipation. It uses a single small ceramic capacitor to provide fast regulation and good stability, thereby ensuring optimum performance. This RoHS-compliant LDO regulator integrates the current limit function and comparator-enabled thermal shutdown circuitry to shut down the system to prevent over-temperature and over-load-related damages. It is available in a surface-mount package that measures 4.9 x 6 x 1.7 mm.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
    TQL821CSV33 RLG
  • Manufacturer
    Taiwan Semiconductor
  • Description
    Linear LDO Regulator for Automotive Power Supply Systems


  • Industry
    Automotive, Industrial
  • Type of Output
  • Input Voltage
    3 to 50 V
  • Output Voltage
    3.3 V
  • Dropout Voltage
    170 mV
  • Output Current
    0.2 A
  • Quiescent Current
    30 uA
  • Qualification
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Temperature operating range
    -40 to 125 Degree C
  • Applications
    Automotive Power Supply Systems, General Power Supply applications
  • Dimension
    4.9 x 6 x 1.7 mm
  • Package Type
    Surface Mount
  • Package

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