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The AOGF40D65L1L from Alpha & Omega Semiconductor is a Soft and Fast Recovery Diode. It has a low forward voltage of 1.5 V and a forward current of up to 40 A. This diode has a repetitive peak reverse voltage of less than 650 V and a reverse current of up to 10 µA. It exhibits low reverse recovery charge and reverse recovery current characteristics, thereby reducing significant switching losses. This diode offers faster recovery to ensure smoother operations at high frequencies. This RoHS-compliant power diode is available in a surface-mount package and is ideal for AC/DC converters, boost diodes in PFC stages, free-wheeling diodes in inverters and motor drives, general-purpose inverters and switch mode power supplies (SMPS) applications.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Alpha & Omega Semiconductor
  • Description
    650 V Soft and Fast Recovery Diode for SMPS Applications


  • Types of Diode
    Fast Recovery Diode
  • Configuration of Diode
    Single Diode
  • Forward Current
    40 A
  • Forward Voltage
    1.5 V
  • Reverse Current
    10 µA
  • Reverse Voltage
    650 V
  • Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage
    650 V
  • Non-Repetitive Peak Forward Current
    120 A
  • Recovery Time
    197 ns
  • Industry
    Industrial, Commercial, Automation
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Temperature operating range
    -55 to 175 Degree C
  • Applications
    AC/DC converters, Boost diode in PFC stages, Free wheeling diodes in inverters and motor drives, General purpose inverters, Switch mode power supplies
  • Package Type
    Through Hole
  • Package
  • Note
    Power Dissipation :- 75 W

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