PMT 300

Wireless Charging Coil by Powermat Technologies

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The PMT 300 from Powermat Technologies is a Wireless Charging Transmitter Coil that can be designed to fit specific product requirements based on SmartInductive Technology. It delivers an output power of up to 300 W and has an efficiency of over 90%. This transmitter coil has a coil-to-coil separation of less than 200 mm and tolerates lateral misalignment of up to 70 mm. It uses an advanced battery charging algorithm and optimizes power transfer efficiency during low power mode. 

The PMT 300 has enhanced foreign object detection (FOD) and provides cost-effective software-based wireless power transfer (WPT) and communication algorithms. It supports digital I/O interface options such as IO, UART (RS 232/LVTTL), and CAN. This transmitter coil is available in a PCB mount package that measures 55 x 55 mm and is ideal for E-bikes, E-carts, large batteries, large drones, high-power domestic robotics, handheld devices, power tools, and industrial and commercial robotics applications.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
    PMT 300
  • Manufacturer
    Powermat Technologies
  • Description
    300 W Wireless Charging Transmitter Coil for Portable Applications


  • Configuration
  • Output Power
    300 W
  • Output Voltage
    50 V
  • Output Current
    10 A
  • Temperature operating range
    -40 to 85 degree C
  • Industry
  • Package Type
    PCB Mount
  • Applications
    Industrial and commercial robotics, High power domestic robotics, Large drones, High power telecom edge technology (CPE), Handheld devices and power tools, E-bikes, E-carts, Large batteries
  • Dimensions
    55 mm x 55 mm

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