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What is a Quad Channel Gate Driver?

A Quad Channel Gate Driver is a type of gate driver that has four outputs. It accepts a low current output from a controller IC and converts it into a required high current to drive the gate terminal of a power transistor. 

Quad Channel Gate Driver can be configured as:

  • Four low-side drivers
  • Four high-side drivers
  • Two half-bridge drivers
  • Full bridge driver

Key features of Quad Channel Gate Driver:

  • High peak output current
  • Under-voltage lockout (UVLO) for high-side and low-side drivers, protect a power transistor with loss of supply
  • Four matched channels
  • Thermal and short circuit protection
  • Short propagation delays with accurate matching

Quad Channel Gate Drivers are ideal for use in portable computer battery load management, high-side, and low-side switching applications, quad latching level translator, H-bridge motor drives, stepper motor, and DC motor control, medical ultrasound imaging, piezoelectric transducer drivers, non-destructive testing, PIN diode driver, CCD clock driver/buffer, industrial control, avionics systems, automotive switches, electronic Circuit breaker, switching power amplifiers, noise cancellation systems, and U.P.S.

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