GaN Power Commercialization with Highest Quality-Highest Reliability 650V HEMTs- Requirements, Successes and Challenges

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  • Author: P.Parikh, Y. Wu, L. Shen, R. Barr, S. Chowdhury, J. Gritters, S. Yea, P. Smith, L. McCarthy, R. Birkhahn, M. Moore, J. McKay, H. Clement, U. Mishra, R. Lal, P. Zuk, T. Hosoda, K. Shono, K. Imanishi, Y. Asai

Gallium Nitride (GaN) is now a popular choice for power conversion. High voltage (HV) GaN HEMTs (GaN FETs) in the range of 650-900 volts are emerging as the next standard for power conversion. This paper highlights key successes in efficient and compact converters/inverters ranging from high performance gaming/crypto-mining power supplies, titanium class server power, servo drives, PV inverters, and automotive OBCs, dc-dc converters, pole charges. The reasons for market success including unmatched quality & reliability, high volume GaN on Si manufacturing, robust performance in applications as well as challenges to achieve the full potential of GaN FETs are presented.

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