5.0 to 6.5 W POE DC to DC Converter

This whitepaper introduces a solution addressing a specific aspect of Power Over Ethernet (POE) by leveraging the capabilities of the ON Semiconductor NCP1031 series of monolithic, high voltage switching regulators with internal MOSFET. The focus of this application note is to provide comprehensive details for constructing a cost-effective and highly efficient 5.0 V DC power supply. This power supply is designed to deliver a power output ranging from 5.0 to 6.5 W, catering to the power requirements of devices operating on POE systems.

The utilization of the ON Semiconductor NCP1031 series signifies a strategic choice for achieving optimal performance in the context of POE applications. These monolithic switching regulators, equipped with internal MOSFETs, bring forth advantages such as compactness, enhanced efficiency, and simplified design considerations. By integrating these components into the proposed solution, the whitepaper aims to offer a practical and accessible means to implement a 5.0 V DC power supply, aligning with the power needs of various devices within the specified power output range.

Key aspects covered in this application note include detailed circuit configurations, component selection criteria, and guidelines for achieving high efficiency in the power supply design. The emphasis is on cost-effectiveness without compromising performance, making this solution viable for a wide range of applications where POE is a critical considerationAs the demand for POE solutions continues to grow across diverse industries, the presented whitepaper provides engineers, designers, and stakeholders with a valuable resource for developing reliable and efficient power supplies. By focusing on the NCP1031 series and its integration into the design, this solution contributes to the advancement of POE technology, offering practical insights and guidelines for those seeking to implement robust and economical power solutions in their projects.

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