Hybrid Polymer V-Chip, Axial, and Radial Crown Capacitors

In automotive electronics, industrial machinery, alternative energy, and other demanding applications, designers need better performing capacitors. These applications have high ripple current, operate over wide temperature ranges, and need to maximize efficiency. KEMET’s conductive polymer hybrid capacitors combine outstanding electrical performance with mechanical robustness, providing a superior alternative to commonly used aluminum electrolytic capacitors. The AEC-Q200 compliant capacitors, offered in axial, radial crown, and V-chip versions, are based on a highly conductive polymer system that’s impregnated with liquid electrolyte. This results in self-healing capacitors with high ripple current capability, low leakage current, and low ESR. They’re rated for 3000 hours at 125 degrees Celsius and provide stable performance over temperature. A780 series V-chip capacitors are available from 56 to 100 microfarads and are rated for 63 volts DC. The compact, surface mount package with a 10-millimeter diameter is ideal for minimizing board space. An anti-vibration version provides 30g vibration resistance. PHA225 series axial and PHH225 series radial crown hybrid capacitors offer higher capacitance and more versatility, with capacitance values from 370 to 1,100 microfarads and voltage ratings from 40 to 63 volts DC. Both series offer vibration resistance up to 30 g and can operate at up to 140 degrees Celsius.

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