What is an LDO Voltage Regulator?

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Editorial Team - everything PE

Sep 12, 2021

LDO or low dropout voltage regulator is a type of DC linear voltage regulator that is used to regulate or maintain the constant output voltage even when the difference between the input supply voltage and the output voltage is very small. LDO regulator output voltage is ideally stable with line and load variations that are immune to changes in ambient temperature and are stable over time. It provides a stable regulated voltage that requires by the electronics devices.

LDO Regulators are ideal for use in automotive, industrial, personal electronics, MCU standby power supply, electric meters, wearables, fitness, health, activity monitors, safety and security monitors, portable consumer devices, surround-view cameras, rear-view cameras, mobile phones, and smartphones, MP3 players, portable navigation devices, communications equipment, enterprise systems, telephones,   laptop, notebook,  palmtop computers, battery-powered equipment, SMPS post-regulator, and DC/DC modules, and high-efficiency linear power supplies.

Key features of LDO voltage regulators:

  • Low dropout voltage and clean output.
  • High output voltage accuracy and efficiency.
  • Integrated current limit and thermal protection.
  • Excellent line and load regulation.
  • Low noise. 
  • No electromagnetic interference (EMI).