Wireless Smart Thermostats for Energy Efficient Utilites at Hotels and Resorts

Wireless Smart Thermostats for Energy Efficient Utilites at Hotels and Resorts

VTech Communications has announced the E-Smart W960, a new advanced wireless thermostat. The E-Smart W960 is easy to install a wireless thermostat that offers hotels and resorts a new way to manage and minimize energy consumption.

Guestrooms are often sold yet sit unoccupied. However, for many hotels, the PTAC/VTAC systems in each room operate nonstop, heating or cooling an empty room, ultimately wasting energy and inflating operational costs. The new E-Smart W960 wireless thermostat offers a clean energy solution that helps hotels and resorts improve energy management and reduce maintenance costs.

Currently, energy management requires manually identifying peak and non-peak occupancy times for energy-efficient temperature operation. However, the W960 incorporates a discrete, 100-degree wide-angle occupancy sensor and an advanced environmental learning algorithm that empowers hotels and resorts to know guestroom status and monitor system performance remotely. When a guest room is unoccupied, the W960 can automatically adjust the temperature to a more energy-conscious level. When a guest returns, the W960 will revert to their desired temperature. This allows hotels to reduce energy consumption through real-time occupancy detection and save money and energy when rooms are unoccupied.

Hotels and resorts can have the freedom to place the W960 anywhere in guestrooms thanks to its wireless capabilities, allowing easy installation without the need to pull additional thermostat wiring. Plus, multi-point wireless technology allows multiple thermostats to be networked to control a single HVAC system in larger rooms and suites. Leveraging a combination of WiFi and Zigbee 3.0 technologies, the W960 can support remote configuration and reporting to facilities management using an included device management application.

"The elegantly designed W960 is as intuitive to use as a smart residential thermostat and expertly engineered to minimize energy costs in full-service hotels," said Chris Conrad, Product Marketing Director, VTech Communications.

VTech continues to innovate and exceed emerging standards with market-leading solutions. As more properties evaluate their consumption to adapt to greater sustainability expectations, VTech's new E-smart W960 provides an energy management technology that alleviates climate impact while reducing costs and increasing profit.

Key features of the E-Smart W960 Wireless Thermostat:

  • Elegant industrial design
  • Standalone energy management
  • Occupancy detection
  • Multi-point wireless HVAC control
  • E-Smart configuration tool with firmware upgrade capability
  • Compatible with most wired HVAC systems
  • Constructed with Antibacterial Plastics

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