WiGL Selects Energous' WattUp Technology for Wireless Power Network Deployment

WiGL Selects Energous' WattUp Technology for Wireless Power Network Deployment

Energous, a leading developer of RF-based charging for wireless power networks, announced that WiGL, a developer of touchless wireless charging for IoT devices, is leveraging the award-winning WattUp technology for wireless power network deployment in new applications. Energous’ WattUp technology enables WiGL to develop and deploy wireless power networks in rugged and harsh environments where reliance on charging cables or replacing batteries to keep them powered is not ideal and often impossible.

Energous is excited to see another company using our WattUp technology for a new application where wireless power networks have clear advantages,” said Cesar Johnston, CEO at Energous. “WattUp can deliver consistent and reliable levels of power to devices at a distance to allow for fully ruggedized and waterproof devices without open charging ports that can compromise their integrity and without the need to frequently replace batteries.”

Many electronic devices are used and deployed in harsh environments where dust, moisture, and other variables can cause damage to the internals of the device that may be exposed to the elements through charging ports or when manually opened for battery replacement. With EnergousWattUp technology, WiGL is developing a wireless power network solution that eliminates the dependence on charging cables, open ports, or battery doors in devices, greatly reducing potential complications to their physical integrity while ensuring they are consistently and reliably charged at all times.

“The environments that our customers operate in are often very harsh, complicating the ability to keep their devices fully charged and operational,” said Ahmad Glover, founder, and CEO of WiGL. “We’re excited to use EnergousWattUp technology to develop wireless power networks that solve the electrical power challenges facing today’s military.”

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