SIlanna Semiconductors to Showcase its AC/DC & DC/DC Converters at PowerUP Expo 2022

SIlanna Semiconductors to Showcase its AC/DC & DC/DC Converters at PowerUP Expo 2022

Silanna Semiconductor has announced the company will be showcasing its latest, advanced AC/DC and DC/DC power devices at PowerUP Expo 2022 virtual conference and exhibition (28th – 30th June 2022).

Silanna Semiconductor, with its family of CO2 Smart Power families of advanced Fully-Integrated ACF controllers and high-frequency DC/DC converters, offers power management technologies that focus on the ultimate power management challenges, deliver unprecedented BoM savings and benefit the planet and the people on it by delivering best-in-class power density and efficiency. The company’s end-to-end power solutions are driving key innovations in travel adapters, laptop adapters, appliance power, smart metering, computing, lighting, industrial power, and display power using the latest digital and analog control and device technologies.

The PowerUP Expo 2022, sponsored by Silanna Semiconductor, will include a virtual exhibition and technical conference featuring keynotes, panel discussions, technical presentations, and tutorials about major technical trends, market requirements, and new application areas. This year’s event will focus on three main topics: Wide bandgap devices, applications, and system solutions; renewable energy and the smart grid; and low power innovations including energy harvesting and wireless power transfer.

Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio, Editor-in-Chief of Power Electronics News adds "PowerUP wishes to provide an opportunity to share the most updated developments and upcoming challenges in several markets where efficiency is the watchword. Major leaders in the power electronics industry will gather to present ideas, new solutions in low power and wide-bandgap technologies, roadmaps, and future breakthroughs."

Silanna Semiconductor is excited to attend the PowerUP Expo 2022 virtual event, which gives us the opportunity to showcase our CO2 Smart Power range of end-to-end AC/DC and DC/DC technologies that allow designers to develop high-efficiency, high-power-density charging solutions with a low BoM,” says Ahsan Zaman, Silanna Semiconductor’s director of product marketing.”

Silanna Semiconductor virtual booth will showcase the latest expansion of the company’s CO2 Smart Power product portfolio including AC/DC products such as the SZ1131 Fully-Integrated High-Efficiency ACF controller, High-Frequency DC/DC buck converters, Power SIP,, and the innovative AnyPort architecture, which simplifies the development of multi-port products. Visitors to the booth will also be able to experience Power Density Hero - a power management design tool that provides engineers an optimized design schematic and full ‘Bill of Materials’ for all components - and an extensive power management Reference Design Library.

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