Cambridge GaN Devices Launches 650 V GaN HEMTs for Consumer Electronic Applications

Cambridge GaN Devices Launches 650 V GaN HEMTs for Consumer Electronic Applications

Cambridge GaN Devices announces the launch of its first portfolio of products capable of reducing power losses by up to 50%. Marking the company’s debut appearance at APEC, CGD has launched the ICeGaN 650 V H1 series comprising four 650 V products that utilize the power of Gallium Nitride-based technology.

Spun out of Cambridge University, CGD was founded by Dr. Giorgia Longobardi and Prof. Florin Udrea with a mission to bring innovation to everyday life by delivering effortless energy-efficient GaN technology solutions. The fast-growing company has spent the past six years in R&D to design, develop and commercialize game-changing products that tackle some of the world’s most pressing energy consumption challenges.

Since 2016 the company has built a portfolio of 39 patents and applications, 20 of which are distinctive inventions, focused on faster, smaller, and more economical devices designed to drive widespread adoption of GaN technology in consumer electronics and beyond. The 650 V H1 product series represents CGD’s commercial launch and is an industry first, enabling the use of standard MOSFET drivers and no external components needed for protection. Engineers will be able to use CGD’s GaN-based technology in applications currently run with silicon-based devices or with other GaN solutions, while CGD is set to tap into a power semiconductor market estimated to be worth over $50 billion by 2027.

CGD’s patented ICeGaN (Integrated Circuit Enhancement Mode GaN) technology merges the ease-of-use benefits seen in Cascode configurations with the simplicity of a single die eMode HEMTs, as well as several integrated smart sense and protection features. All of this is embedded in a single die that delivers up to 50% power loss reduction compared to legacy silicon die. The technology is fully scalable on power and voltage for future developments.

ICeGaN is an integrated solution based on GaN with an intelligent and self-protecting mechanism that enhances the functionality, versatility, and reliability of the transistor. This GaN technology can be applied to any system that requires power and operates in the rich 650 V market segment. Initial applications include consumer electronic products such as mobile chargers, adapters for laptops, gaming and AIOs computers, and, in general, SMPS for consumer applications. The 650 V H1 Series portfolio is also the first step into segments such as lighting and server power. Further expansion is planned towards high-power servers and telecom markets for data centers PV inverters and renewable energy production, targeting EV/HEV systems in the long term.

CGD’s long-term product strategy is also supported by several multi-partner U.K. and EU-funded projects, the latest being ICeData, an initiative aiming to develop and commercialize highly efficient GaN-based ICs for use in data center server power supplies. This specific project is funded by the UK Government’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) within the Energy Entrepreneur Fund which has selected leading UK technologies providing solutions for energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions.

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