Navitas' GaNFast Power ICs Enable Charging of Xiaomi Redmi Smartphone Chargers in Just 9 Minutes

Navitas' GaNFast Power ICs Enable Charging of Xiaomi Redmi Smartphone Chargers in Just 9 Minutes

Navitas Semiconductor, a pure-play, next-gen power semiconductor company announced that its next-gen GaNFast power ICs have been used by Xiaomi Redmi for their 120 W (Note Pro+) and 210 W (Note 12 Explorer) ultra-fast smartphone chargers.

The new Redmi Note 12 Explorer and Redmi Note 12 Pro+ are the first equipped with the MediaTek Dimensity 1080 chipset, with large 107.4 mm / 6.67” FHD+ OLED displays and 120 Hz refresh rate. Both phones feature 16 MP front, and 200 MP rear cameras – a huge step in mobile filming.

To support such powerful performance, the Redmi Note 12 Pro+ has a 5,000 mAhr battery with “in-box” 120 W GaN charger, measuring only 59.4 x 56.2 x 28.8 mm (96 cc), and with power density of 1.25 W/cc. A GaNFast power IC with GaNSense technology (NV6136A) is used in the high-frequency DC-DC stage (QR flyback). A full charge takes only 19 minutes.

For the Redmi Note 12 Explorer, the landmark 210 W ultra-fast charger is able to charge a 4,300 mAhr battery to 66% in just 5 minutes and complete a 1-100% charge in only 9 minutes. Thanks to high-speed, feature-rich GaNFast ICs, the massive 210 W of power takes only 67.3 x 64.3 x 30 mm (130 cc), reaching 1.62 W/cc power density. This charger adopts a pioneering PFC (with NV6127) and ACF/QR (NV6136A) hybrid platform. The platform adds high-efficiency ACF functionality to the proven, low system-cost, low voltage-stress QR baseline.

Mr. Xiang WANG, Partner and President of Xiaomi Group, commented: “We are very happy to collaborate with Navitas Semiconductor again. The 210 W ultra-fast charger launched with the Redmi Note 12 ‘Explorer Edition’  has once again refreshed the mobile-phone charging experience, and officially shortened the charging time to the ‘single-digit-minutes’ era.”

Charles (Yingjie) ZHA, VP and GM of Navitas China, congratulated on the launch of Redmi latest smartphones: “It is a great honor that Xiaomi Redmi smartphone selected Navitas GaN solutions once again. And we are pleased to witness that our pioneering PFC+ACF/QR hybrid platform has fulfilled its mission to help the Redmi Note 12 Explorer set a new benchmark for ultra-fast charging. We will continue to push the innovation of GaN technology as we are on a mission to ‘Electrify Our World’ and help Xiaomi and Xiaomi’s brands to build leading, powerful and eco-friendly power products.”

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