Transphorm to Showcase New Technology and Reliable Performance Designs at APEC 2023

Transphorm to Showcase New Technology and Reliable Performance Designs at APEC 2023

Transphorm, a pioneer and global supplier of high-reliability, high-performance Gallium Nitride (GaN) power conversion products has announced that, as a silver partner of the Applied Power Electronics Conference 2023 (APEC 2023), it will showcase a variety of products and solutions at the conference, highlighting the company's expertise in broad-spectrum (low-power to high-power) GaN power conversion Sustained leadership. Attendees are welcome to visit Transphorm booth #853 during the convention, March 19-23.

This year, Transphorm will showcase the recently announced WT7162RHUG24A component. The device features a new SuperGaN® system-in-package (SiP) developed by Transphorm in collaboration with Weltrend Semiconductor to complement its comprehensive and flexible field-effect transistor (FET) portfolio. The component will open up new opportunities for customers to design easily and quickly on Transphorm's high-performance GaN platform while reducing the bill-of-material (BOM) component count and overall system cost.

Transphorm will also showcase new in-production products from top global brand customers in different markets. APEC attendees will also learn about embedded and drop-in solutions for existing GaN power applications. Finally, the company will give away a consumer product in a lottery. With the support of Transphorm's GaN technology, the product has disruptive performance.

Single-core platform covering the entire power supply range

Transphorm is a leading GaN power semiconductor company with a competitive advantage based on the following technical characteristics:

  • Manufacturability: vertical integration, with EPI design, wafer manufacturing process, and FET chip design capabilities.
  • Designability: Offers widely adopted industry standard packages and performance packages, while working with a world-renowned leader in firmware (Microchip Technology) and hardware integration (Western Electronics) to simplify the design.
  • Driveability: Its components can be driven in the same way as silicon components, and can be used with off-the-shelf controllers and drivers while requiring only a small amount of external circuitry.
  • Reliability: Industry leading current failure rate (FIT) < 0.05 after more than 100 billion hours of field operation in all applications covering low to high power.

Transphorm now supports a very wide range of power conversion requirements (45 W to 10+ kW), covering a very wide range of power applications. The company's FET portfolio includes 650 V and 900 V components, with 1200 V components in development. The components are JEDEC and AEC-Q101 qualified and are best-in-class solutions for power adapters, computer power supply units (PSUs), a wide range of industrial uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS), electric vehicle mobility systems, and more. The portfolio of these customer products, which will be showcased at the APEC meeting, highlights the broad utility of Transphorm's SuperGaN platform.

Giveaway: "Small but mighty" 65WHP USB-C laptop charger

Visitors to the Transphorm booth will have a chance to win a "small but powerful" GaN HP USB-C PD/PPS power adapter. The adapter is equipped with two ports for simultaneous fast charging. The HP notebook computer charger uses Transphorm's SuperGaN fourth-generation TP65H300G4LSG -- a 650V GaN FET.

speaking engagements

Transphorm experts will deliver the following presentations:

650 V and 1200 V High Power GaN Components for Electric Vehicle Applications Industry

Session (IS03), March 21, 8:30 AM Speaker: Davide Bisi, Technical Team Member, Office of the Chief Technology Officer

900 V GaN – Made for Reliability
Industry Symposium (IS12), March 22 at 9:20 AM Speaker: Dr. Likun Shen, Vice President of Engineering

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