Infineon to Drive Decarbonization and Digitalization with Energy-Efficient Power Solutions at APEC 2023

Infineon to Drive Decarbonization and Digitalization with Energy-Efficient Power Solutions at APEC 2023

High-performance, energy-efficient power solutions will be on display this month in Orlando when Infineon Technologies showcases the industry’s broadest range of power electronic devices during the 2023 Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC), 19 to 23 March. To drive decarbonization and digitalization, Infineon will highlight its broad product portfolio of advanced silicon and wide bandgap materials with higher power density, smaller footprint, and improved performance to make the world greener.

As a leader in power technologies, the Infineon booth #932 will feature solutions that highlight the company’s product-to-system model in power management, with an emphasis on balancing efficiency and performance to meet specific application requirements. The Infineon booth will be organized in five technology zones, demonstrating how the company is creating a sustainable future including:

  • The green potential of data centers: Demonstrations will highlight how Infineon’s power solutions limit energy flow, provide higher density and reduce cooling requirements. Additionally, these features will enable consumers to obtain up to 10.5 percent energy savings per year
  • Efficient energy storage systems & renewable technologies: Demonstrations will showcase higher performance with fewer energy losses by making energy storage in batteries more efficient and optimizing the whole system
  • Comprehensive charging options that meet your requirements: Focusing on a broad portfolio of USB-C portfolio, this pod will focus on fast charging technology, and low-power battery applications.
  • Fast EV charging: To meet the requirements of high-power solutions for electric vehicle (EV) charging, this pod will focus on charging technologies that enable faster charging and smaller footprint
  • Energy-efficient motor control solutions: Demonstrations will focus on electric motors with smart and modern Motor Control, such as MOSFETs, Bridge Drivers, and Integrated Bridges that can be switched and speed-controlled on-demand.

In addition to the company’s APEC exhibit in booth #932, Infineon will play a large role as a contributor to the conference program, participating in over 20 industry and technical sessions, including 9 chaired tracks and 3 exhibitor sessions. Visit Infineon for more information about the Infineon power electronics portfolio and 2023 APEC activity.

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