Premo to Present its Latest Power Electronics Innovations at PCIM Europe 2023

Premo to Present its Latest Power Electronics Innovations at PCIM Europe 2023

Premo is delighted to attend PCIM Europe in Hall 6, Stand 232. This international exhibition and conference for power electronics, intelligent motion, renewable energy, and energy management is the best platform for researchers, developers, engineers, and manufacturers to exchange ideas, showcase new products and technologies, and discuss the latest trends and challenges in the industry.

As a regular participant at PCIM Europe over the years, Premo recognizes it as the best platform to showcase our latest power electronics innovations and expose the cutting-edge technologies we are currently developing for the E-Mobility industry.

Discover Premo's Cutting-Edge Power Electronics Products to be presented at PCIM Europe

Power Transformers for e-mobility

Premo's power transformers for e-mobility feature a wide range of high-quality magnetics that are specifically designed for onboard battery chargers and DC/DC converters, incorporating high-performance materials to ensure maximum efficiency, temperature stability, and reinforced insulation.

In terms of power chokes specially designed for e-mobility, Premo will showcase a range of solutions, including EMI AC & output DC filters with CM & DM Chokes, PFC chokes, transformers, and associated resonant chokes, and high current output DC filtering chokes, all featuring specialized components such as iron powder, high permeability ferrite, nanocrystalline cores, low-loss high-temperature stability ferrite cores, insulated Litz wire, and edgewise flat winding.

Premo will show our latest innovations for signal transformer solutions such as Flyback auxiliary transformers (multi-output coupling and isolation management), and Gate-drive transformers for transistors control (special techniques to ensure creepage distance requirements). PLC transformers for communication between the charger and the charging point or the smart grid. Current measurement transformers for feedback and protection (high primary current up to 35 A, high isolation management).

Magnetics for Off-Board Chargers

Advanced magnetics solutions for Off-Board Chargers, with reliable and efficient power transfer for a variety of electric vehicle applications. Showcasing:

  • A Power inductive set of 31.5 kVA, which includes an isolated 780 V/500 V transformer and a 65 uH resonant choke. An ideal solution for high-power charging applications, ensuring maximum efficiency and safety.
  • For three-phase charging stations, we’ll display the PREMO 3-phase PFC Choke Module with 200 uH/43Arms, which provides efficient power transfer.
  • A 12kW 2:1 CLLC Bidirectional Transformer with natural cooling, which is ideal for power applications requiring high power density and a compact form factor.
  • Finally, the total 50 kW SET with 620 uH inductance is enclosed in a whole aluminum housing and filled with thermal compound. This solution provides excellent thermal management, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Wireless Power Transfer for e-mobility

Innovative wireless charging antenna (compact secondary coils).  A flexible pad for wireless power transfer with a high-performance to match perfectly with the Electrical Vehicle market.

  • Requires no physical contact between the vehicle and the charging station, overcoming the inconvenience and hazards caused by traditional direct-conductive methods.
  • Each pad with multiple built-in high-performance components


EV Wireless Charging DEMO

In collab with their partner Wifi Power Transfer, Premo will show an EV Wireless Charging demo with their innovative Receiving and Transfer Antennas working live.

3DPower DEMO

Premo will let you experience how PREMOs 3DPower Technology can unite LLC Transformator and Choke in one Part, using only one core with orthogonal windings, which leads to high power density and reduced weight, all powered and controlled by the reliable Testing Equipment of MSPM.  Between the power source and the transformer, different parameters e.g. current are measured and displayed using the Transformer Test System CS-35A Kit, developed in collaboration with MSPM.


CoolGap technology takes advantage of the optimized cooling circuit of the car by moving its coolant to the point of maximum loss generation of the magnetic component: the core gap.

This solution is helping PREMO to increase the heat transfer rate of our magnetics, optimize the component thermal management, and help reduce the use of potting compounds and aluminum housings, being a great cost-saving solution.

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