MCC Introduces Super-Fast Recovery Rectifiers for Industrial and Commercial Applications

MCC Introduces Super-Fast Recovery Rectifiers for Industrial and Commercial Applications

MCC is proud to unveil two cutting-edge ultrafast recovery rectifiers, the MUR6040B and MUR3060BS, engineered to meet the demands of today's Industrial and Commercial devices. These high-quality components boast exceptional features, including low Trr (reverse recovery time), high-temperature tolerance, low leakage, and low forward drop, making them highly suitable for a wide range of high-frequency power switching applications.

Designed to excel in rugged conditions, both the MUR6040B and MUR3060BS can serve as output rectifiers, freewheeling diodes, or boost diodes in high-frequency power switching setups, such as switch-mode power supplies and DC-DC converters.

Key features

  • Efficient power switching capabilities
  • Low reverse leakage current
  • High surge current capability
  • Low forward voltage drop
  • Ideal for various high-frequency applications
  • Enhances system reliability and reduces downtime
  • Compliant with RoHS standards
  • Lead-free finish, with halogen-free options available upon request
  • Packaged in TO-247AD for easy integration

TH Koay, Technical Marketing Director, MCC  quoted “We’re excited to offer our customers these innovative solutions for their power conversion needs. Whether designing a switch-mode power supply, voltage regulator, or DC-DC converter, MCC’s new high-current, super-fast recovery rectifiers have them covered.”

Product highlights

  1. High-Power, High-Current Performance: With a remarkable current capacity of up to 60A, these rectifiers are tailor-made for power-intensive applications.
  2. Super-Fast Recovery Time: The super-fast sub-100ns reverse recovery time minimizes the risk of damage and enables high-frequency switching.
  3. Efficient with Low Power Loss: Designed for high-efficiency performance, these rectifiers ensure minimal power loss and maximum versatility.
  4. Rugged & Reliable: These components possess high forward surge current capability, making them resilient even in harsh Industrial environments.

Key applications

MCC's super-fast recovery rectifiers are optimized for high-power, high-frequency (HF) applications where efficiency and reliability are paramount. They find ideal usage in various industries:

  • Welding: Ultrasonic cleaners and welders, inductive heating and melting equipment.
  • Industrial: Switch-mode power supplies (SMPS), voltage regulators, DC-DC converters, and motor controls.
  • Commercial: Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), benchtop power supplies, power adapters.

Product lineup




Mounting Type

Voltage – DC Reverse (Vr) (Max)

Current – Average Rectifier (Io)

Reverse Recovery Time (trr)















MCC's MUR6040B and MUR3060BS rectifiers deliver unparalleled performance, ensuring efficient and reliable power switching in today's demanding Industrial and Commercial devices. Their exceptional capabilities make them the go-to choice for critical applications in a wide range of industries.

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