Transphorm and Weltrend Semiconductor Collaborate on 100 W USB-C PD Power Adapter Reference Design

Transphorm and Weltrend Semiconductor Collaborate on 100 W USB-C PD Power Adapter Reference Design

Transphorm, the global leader in robust GaN power semiconductors, and Weltrend Semiconductor the global leader in adapter USB Power Delivery (PD) Controller Integrated Circuits (ICs), have announced the availability of a 100-watt USB-C PD Power Adapter Reference Design. The board uses the companies’ SuperGaN System-in-Package (SiP) - the WT7162RHUG24A - to achieve 92.7 percent efficiency in a Quasi-Resonant Flyback (QRF) topology.

This is Weltrend’s second USB-C PD adapter board using the WT7162RHUG24A in a QRF topology. The first is a 65-watt board released earlier this year. The fact that both boards deploy the same SuperGaN SiP is beneficial to customers seeking to achieve economies of scale and a lower cost implementation for 100-watt designs compared to the competition. It demonstrates that the 65-watt-class SuperGaN SiP also meets the performance and thermal requirements of 100-watt designs.

“The idea of a GaN-based integrated circuit is a great one as it can simplify the design experience. However, it must be done right. It should be a truly integrated single device with the necessary controllers packaged inside. Which is where Weltrend and Transphorm’s SuperGaN SiP excels,” said Philip Zuk, Senior Vice President, Business Development and Marketing, at Transphorm. “The SiP is a simple, normally-off solution that does not require protection, a driver, or an external controller. Add to that the ability for the same SiP to perform in a 65-watt and 100-watt power adapter board, now we’re seeing the inherent versatility and robustness of GaN shine. And that only comes from Transphorm’s SuperGaN platform today.”

“It’s important to us to ensure what we bring to market are the best, most functional solutions possible. Particularly as we deepen our footprint in the AC-to-DC power market,” said Wayne Lo, Vice President of Marketing, at Weltrend Semiconductor. “The power adapter market continues to evolve, innovating around GaN’s very attractive advantages. We’re just making sure customers can tap into those advantages not just for technical benefits but for broad ROI benefits as well. One SiP accommodating an adapter’s physical design needs plus the financial objectives of an entire adapter line with varying models is a win for all of us. The 100-watt reference design released today is a strong proof point of what our technology can do at lower price points. And we’re just getting started.”

Weltrend’s universal 100-watt power adapter board is designed to the USB PD 3.0 + PPS standards. Its use is intended to speed the development of various high-performance, low-profile power adapters charging smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other smart devices. Additional key specifications follow:

The WT7162RHUG24A is an integrated circuit designed for use in 45- to 100-watt USB-C PD power adapters. It integrates Weltrend’s WT7162RHSG08 quasi-resonant/multi-mode flyback PWM controller with Transphorm’s 240 milliohm, 650-volt SuperGaN FET. The surface mount device is available in a 24-pin 8×8 QFN package and offers a peak efficiency of 92.7%. Key benefits include increased power density with better thermal management for long-term reliability and reduction of BOM costs.