AiT Semiconductor Unveils LDO Voltage Regulator for Power Management Applications

AiT Semiconductor Unveils LDO Voltage Regulator for Power Management Applications

AiT Semiconductor has introduced the A6518, a positive voltage adjustable output with low power consumption and a low dropout voltage regulator that sets a new standard in power management for various electronic devices. This innovative regulator is designed to meet the diverse needs of modern electronics, ensuring stable performance and efficiency.

Key features

  • Output Voltage Flexibility: The A6518 offers an adjustable output ranging from 0.8V to 5.0V, providing flexibility for different application requirements.
  • Low Power Consumption: With a mere 30μA (typical), the A6518 is highly energy-efficient, making it ideal for battery-powered equipment and other low-power applications.
  • High Accuracy: The voltage regulator incorporates a high-precision voltage reference, error amplifier, current limit circuit, and an output driver module with discharge capability, ensuring accurate and reliable performance.
  • Robust Protection Mechanisms: The A6518 comes equipped with foldback short-circuit protection, thermal protection, and an output current limit function, enhancing the durability and safety of connected devices.
  • Compact Design: Housed in the SOT-25 package, the A6518 maintains a compact form factor without compromising on performance.

Key specifications

  • Maximum Output Current: 500 mA
  • Low Dropout Voltage: 450mV at IOUT = 500 mA, VOUT = 3.3 volts
  • Input Voltage Range: 1.7 to 7.5V
  • Output Current Limit: 800mA (typical)

Key applications 

The A6518 finds versatile applications in a range of electronic devices, including:

  • Cellular Phones and PCSs: Serving as a reliable power source.
  • Battery-Powered Equipment: Enhancing energy efficiency in portable devices.
  • Power Management: Ideal for MP3 players, PDAs, digital cameras, mice, PS2 games, and more.
  • Reference Voltage Source: Providing stability in various electronic systems.
  • Regulation after Switching Power: Ensuring Consistent Performance in Diverse Applications.

The A6518 from AiT Semiconductor is set to revolutionize power management solutions, offering a combination of flexibility, efficiency, and robust features. Its availability in the compact SOT-25 package makes it an attractive choice for designers seeking reliable and space-efficient voltage regulation solutions.

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