Recom Power Introduces DC-DC Converters for Powering High Side Gate Drives

Recom Power Introduces DC-DC Converters for Powering High Side Gate Drives

In a significant development for power electronics enthusiasts, Recom introduces the R24C2T25 DC/DC converter. This innovative addition to the market brings unparalleled simplicity to generating power for IGBT, Si, SiC, and GaN cascode gate drivers, expanding possibilities for various applications.

The R24C2T25 series boasts asymmetric regulated outputs tailored to suit the diverse requirements of IGBT, Si, SiC, and GaN cascode gate drives. Housed in a compact 7.5 x 12.83mm 36-pin SSOP package, this surface-mount technology (SMT) part offers a seamless solution with dual asymmetric output voltages. These voltages are programmable by external resistor networks, allowing for precise customization.

One output can be finely tuned between +2.5 and +22.5VDC, while the other spans -2.5 to -22.5VDC. This results in an overall positive to negative voltage range of 18 to 25VDC, enabling configurations such as +15/-3V for efficient SiC gate driving. Importantly, voltage maintenance within +/-1.5% ensures protection against over-voltage risks, safeguarding your valuable components.

The R24C2T25 doesn't just stop at versatility; it delivers robust performance and enhanced power capabilities. With a total power availability of 2W up to 82°C ambient, and 2.5W up to 75°C, this DC/DC converter operates efficiently even in demanding conditions. The useful derated power extends up to the package maximum of 125°C, showcasing its resilience.

Equipped with a range of advanced features, the R24C2T25 ensures reliability in every aspect. Soft start, input under-voltage and over-voltage lockout, thermal shutdown, and output over-power protection contribute to the device's robust performance. Output over-voltage and under-voltage lockouts further guarantee that power devices remain safeguarded against invalid gate voltages.

The R24C2T25 stands out for its suitability in powering high-side gate drives with fast dV/dt and dI/dt power switch edge rates. Isolation capabilities of 3kVAC/1min, ultra-low coupling capacitance of 3.5pF, and a common mode transient immunity of +/-150V/ns position these converters as the ideal choice for applications demanding precision and reliability.

Adding another layer of efficiency, the device features ON/OFF control, allowing it to enter standby mode with a minimal current draw of less than 700µA. This not only enhances power management but also contributes to energy conservation.