Qorvo Unveils 750 V Silicon Carbide Field Effect Transistors for Electric Vehicle Applications

Qorvo Unveils 750 V Silicon Carbide Field Effect Transistors for Electric Vehicle Applications

Qorvo, a leading global provider of connectivity and power solutions, has unveiled an automotive-qualified silicon carbide (SiC) field effect transistor (FET) offering an industry-best 9 milli-ohm RDS(on) in a compact D2PAK-7L package. This 750V SiC FET is the first in a new family of pin-compatible SiC FETs from Qorvo with RDS(on) options up to 60 milli-ohms, making them well suited for electric vehicle (EV) applications, including on-board chargers, DC/DC converters, and positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heater modules.

The UJ4SC075009B7S features a 9 milli-ohm typical RDS(on) at 25°C needed for reducing conduction losses and maximizing efficiency in high voltage, multi-kilowatt automotive applications. Its small, surface-mount package enables automated assembly flows and reduces customer manufacturing costs. This new 750 V family complements Qorvo’s existing 1200 V and 1700 V automotive SiC FETs in D2PAK packaging to form a complete portfolio addressing EV applications that span 400 V and 800 V battery architectures.

Ramanan Natarajan, director of Product Line Marketing for Qorvo’s Power Products, said, “The launch of this new family of SiC FETs demonstrates our commitment to providing EV powertrain designers the most advanced and efficient solutions for their unique automotive power challenges.”

These fourth-generation SiC FETs leverage Qorvo’s unique cascode circuit configuration, in which a SiC JFET is co-packaged with a Si MOSFET to produce a device with the efficiency advantages of wide bandgap switch technology and the simpler gate drive of silicon MOSFETs. Efficiency in SiC FETs is dependent on conduction losses, and Qorvo’s cascode/JFET approach enables reduced conduction losses through industry-best RDS(on) and body diode reverse voltage drop.

Key features

  • Threshold voltage VG(th): 4.5 V (typical) allowing 0 to 15 V drive
  • Low body diode VFSD: 1.1 V
  • Maximum operating temperature: 175°C
  • Excellent reverse recovery: Qrr = 338 nC
  • Low gate charge: QG = 75 nC
  • Automotive Electronics Council (AEC) Q101-qualified

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  • Country: United States
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