Innoscience to Demonstrate Integrated GaN ICs at APEC 2024

Innoscience to Demonstrate Integrated GaN ICs at APEC 2024

Innoscience Technology, a pioneer in the design, development, and manufacture of reliable and high-performance GaN devices, will continue to demonstrate industry leadership at the ongoing IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition (APEC) 2024.

At the industrial session, Innoscience will address the exponential demand for power by data centers due to the processing power necessitated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. The paper will show that with Innoscience’s 650 V InnoGaN, it is possible to make a 2 kW AC/DC conversion PSU with a high power density and a peak efficiency above 96%, thereby meeting the recent stringent 80 Plus titanium efficiency rating. Thanks to the absence of a body diode on GaN devices, a simple Totem pole PFC architecture can be implemented while still reaching high levels of efficiency. At the booth, Innoscience will also showcase a 4.2 kW AC/DC conversion PSU meeting 80 Plus titanium efficiency rating within a power density of 130 W/in3.

Moreover, to address the 48 V to 12 V DC-DC power conversion inside the data center, Innoscience will present an all GaN HEMTs-based 1 kW 48 V - 12 V unregulated LLC solution that features GaN power devices both at the primary side (100 V devices) as well as at the secondary side (40 V devices). To maximize the power density and simplify the circuit, the solution uses Innoscience’s recent integrated SolidGaN solution (ISG3201), which integrates a half-bridge (made by two 100 V/3.2 milli-ohm InnoGaN devices) with its driver, protection, etc.. in one package. The final all GaN 1 kW 48 V - 12 converter has a size of only 50 mm x 30 mm x 9 mm, which is 70% smaller than a Silicon counterpart rated only 600 W. The converter achieves a peak efficiency of 98.5%.

Dr. Denis Marcon, General Manager of Innoscience Europe, comments: “Reliability is also an important consideration for data centers because they operate 24/7 and they must guarantee continuity of service. Therefore, in this paper, we will also present strong reliability data of Innoscience’s HV and LV GaN power devices, including end-of-life testing for lifetime calculation which shows reliability data at the parts-per-billion level.”

Yi Sun, General Manager of Innoscience America comments: “Innoscience today has one of the widest portfolios of GaN power device solutions covering 30 V to 700 V applications, a family of  GaN discrete available in standard packages (e.g. QFN, FCQFN, TO252, etc..) as well as integrated GaN IC solutions that include in one chip the GaN FET, the driver, protections etc.”

Visitors to the Innoscience booth at APEC will also see new products, such as the NV100FQ030A, a 100V bidirectional IC that can be employed to deliver high efficiency in applications including battery management systems, high-side load switching in bidirectional converters, and various switching circuits in power systems.

Yi Sun, adds: “Innoscience is leading the GaN industry with many new products that are industry firsts. That is why our devices are finding applications in all markets, from consumer chargers to industrial and communications and into the automotive sector. Join us at booth 1543 to find out more.”

Innoscience presentations

IS02.7 - Industry Session / Tuesday, Feb 27th,11:30-11:55 am "Ultra-High Frequency (10MHz) Buck Converter with GaN HEMT for Mobile Phone Application" given by Dr Pengju Kong

IS11.1 - Industry Session / Wednesday, Feb 28th, 8:30-8:55 am “Efficient and compact power conversions made possible with GaN technology” given by Dr Pengju Kong.

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