onsemi Introduces IGBT based Intelligent Power Modules for Energy Efficient Applications

onsemi Introduces IGBT based Intelligent Power Modules for Energy Efficient Applications

onsemi announced the availability of its 1200V SPM31 Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs) featuring the latest generation Field Stop 7 (FS7) Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) technology. The SPM31 IPMs deliver higher efficiency, smaller footprint, and higher power density resulting in lower total system cost than other leading solutions on the market. Given the greater efficiency realized using optimized IGBTs, these IPMs are ideal for three-phase inverter drive applications such as heat pumps, commercial HVAC systems, servo motors, and industrial pumps and fans.

Operating residential and commercial buildings is estimated to contribute 26% of greenhouse gas emissions, with indirect emissions such as heating, cooling, and powering buildings accounting for approximately 18%. As governments worldwide strive to meet their energy and climate commitments, more energy-efficient and lower-carbon solutions are becoming increasingly critical.

The SPM31 IPMs control the power flow to the inverter compressor and fans in heat pumps and air conditioning systems by adjusting the frequency and voltage of the power supplied to three-phase motors for maximum efficiency. For example, onsemi’s 25 A-rated SPM31 using FS7 IGBT technology can decrease power losses by up to 10% and increase in power density by up to 9%, compared to our previous generation products. With the transition to electrification and heightened efficiency mandates, these modules help manufacturers drastically improve system design while increasing efficiency in heating and cooling applications. With the improved performance, our SPM31 IPM family featuring FS7 enables high efficiency with reduced energy losses, further reducing harmful emissions globally.

These highly integrated modules contain gate-driving ICs, and multiple on-module protection features along with our FS7 IGBTs enabling industry-leading thermal performance with the ability to support a wide range of currents, from 15 A to 35 A. With their best-in-class power density, SPM31 FS7 IGBT IPMs are an ideal answer to save mounting space and improve performance expectations while shortening the development time. In addition, the SPM31 IPMs include the following benefits

  • Controls for gate drivers and protections
  • Low-loss, short-circuit-rated IGBTs
  • Negative IGBT terminals are available for each phase to support a wide variety of control algorithms
  • Built-in under-voltage protection (UVP)
  • Built-in bootstrap diodes and resistors
  • Built-in high-speed high-voltage integrated circuit
  • Single-grounded power supply


  • Country: United States
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