Beny Initiates Strategic Partnership with PT Ecoganic Renewable Energy for Photovoltaic Solutions

Beny Initiates Strategic Partnership with PT Ecoganic Renewable Energy for Photovoltaic Solutions

At the Solartech Indonesia 2024 Exhibition taking place on March 6-8, Beny inaugurated a strategic partnership with PT Ecoganic Renewable Energy (abbreviated as ECRE), a leading photovoltaic (PV) solution provider. This collaboration will promote more efficient, safe, and reliable PV solutions in the Indonesian market, covering residential and commercial segments.

Beny, a global market leader in the PV systems and energy storage segment, and ECRE, a leading PV solutions provider, established a strategic collaboration to enhance the development of the Indonesian market. Beny will supply the best solutions and professional technical support, whereas, ECRE, relying on market channels and optimal services, will launch Beny's solutions to a wider audience in the local market.

At the recently held Solartech Indonesia exhibition, the collaboration between Beny and ECRE made its debut, and presented PV solutions in the residential and commercial segments. In the commercial segment, BYM2000 convert energy safely and efficiently, whereas, commercial energy storage systems store excess energy. Thus, the stability of the electricity transmission network can increase, and cost efficiency is realized. For the safety aspect, the BFS-11/12 rapid shutdown tool disables the solar panel automatically in microseconds. On the other hand, the BFS-S series firefighter safety switch disables the solar panel manually in emergency situations. In the residential segment, Beny's 500W to 800W microinverters have a continuous input current of up to 20 A, are compatible with large-power solar panels, and are ideal for use on balconies. When combined with wall-mounted LFP energy storage battery packs, users save drastically on energy costs and achieve energy independence.

Tom Xu, Regional Sales Manager, Beny, said, "Indonesia is one of the most important growth regions in the global PV market. We are optimistic that we will be able to develop the local market. Together with ECRE, we will provide innovative PV solutions for Indonesian users, as well as contribute to market growth."

"Beny is the world's leading company that masters cutting-edge technology and competitive solutions. We are excited to collaborate with Beny, and both parties will work together to provide a custom-designed, smart solution," said General Manager, ECRE.

This collaboration will have a positive impact on the industry and users, and reflects the new era of clean energy pioneered by Beny and ECRE. At the exhibition, representatives from both companies discussed with practitioners in various fields, and explored future energy opportunities while contributing to a cleaner, smarter, and more sustainable energy future.