Forsee Power Battery Systems Energizes Letenda Electrip Zero Emission Electric Buses

Forsee Power Battery Systems Energizes Letenda Electrip Zero Emission Electric Buses

Forsee Power, an expert in smart battery systems for sustainable electromobility, and Letenda, a Montreal-based zero-emission bus manufacturer, announced that Letenda’s innovative Electrip zero-emission buses will be equipped with Forsee Power battery systems. Forsee Power will provide its ZEN PLUS high-energy battery systems to be installed on vehicles specially designed for electric propulsion.

Designed in the Province of Quebec, Canada, the Letenda 30-foot (9 meters) Electrip model is optimized to withstand the rigors of North American winters. Its innovative design makes it a zero-emission 100% electric vehicle that is safe, reliable, and highly accessible, marking a significant advancement in the field of eco-friendly public transportation.

Letenda has chosen to equip its electric buses with the ZEN PLUS battery system, an advanced energy storage solution developed by Forsee Power. The system as applied to the Electrip consists of four ZEN 82 PLUS packs, providing a usable energy capacity of 308 kWh that allows up to 300 km (186 miles) of range. Forsee Power’s lightweight batteries combine with the designed-for-electric characteristics of the Electrip for an incredibly efficient vehicle.

A pioneer in the sector, Forsee Power stands out as the first non-Chinese battery manufacturer in the bus market, having equipped over 3,000 electric buses and collaborating with a dozen bus manufacturers worldwide. Many of these leading manufacturers have already integrated the ZEN PLUS solution, specifically designed for 100% electric heavy vehicles, demonstrating its effectiveness and reliability.

This strategic partnership between Letenda and Forsee Power illustrates their joint commitment to a greener future and represents a step further towards a world where public transport is ecological, efficient, and tailored to today’s needs.

The ZEN PLUS battery system has achieved the latest R100-3 certification and is fully compliant with Buy America requirements. This significant development positions the ZEN PLUS as a top choice for the North American electrification process.

The ZEN PLUS system distinguishes itself with a high-performance liquid thermal management system designed to operate efficiently across all climatic zones, even the most extreme. This ensures optimal performance and longevity, regardless of environmental conditions. Furthermore, the use of NMC lithium-ion cells allows the ZEN PLUS to offer a remarkable lifecycle of up to 5,000 charging cycles, significantly enhancing its total cost of ownership (TCO) and making it an ultra-competitive option in the market.

With an industrial facility located in Columbus, Ohio, Forsee Power is strategically positioned to meet the growing demands of the North American market. This site not only underscores the Group’s commitment to local manufacturing but also ensures that the ZEN PLUS battery systems meet the stringent Buy America compliance standards, further strengthening Forsee Power’s foothold as a key player in the vehicle electrification arena.