Nexperia to Showcase Analog and Power Signaling Solutions at PCIM Europe 2024

Nexperia to Showcase Analog and Power Signaling Solutions at PCIM Europe 2024

Nexperia, a global semiconductor company, is showcasing its latest proven power technologies at PCIM Europe 2024 held at the Nuremberg Exhibition Center from June 11-13.PCIM Europe is an international exhibition and conference for Power Electronics, Intelligent Motion, Renewable Energy, and Energy Management. It is an international meeting point for the industry that offers further formats to keep the community up-to-date throughout the year. Attendees can visit Hall #9, Booth #412 to explore the live demos and be a part of the live talks from Nexperia. 

Live Demos

Analog & Power Signalling

For low-power applications particularly in IoT and consumer applications, maximizing efficiency is critical. By integrating analog and power functions into single ICs, we provide innovative and efficient solutions that improve system performance while reducing BOM costs.

  • Nexperia's turnkey solution for high power density design for 65 W GaN PD chargers.
  • Synchronous DC/DC buck converter Solution with Nexperia’s gate driver and power MOSFETs.
  • 40 V integrated DC/DC buck converter & LDO showcasing linear & switcher performance.
  • Evaluation board for demonstrating pulsed load capability from coin batteries.


Nexperis’s rich history of innovation in semiconductor packaging has delivered multiple industry-standard footprints from the SOT23 to LFPAK56. Its expertise in copper clip and miniaturization ensures designer have the right power package for the job.

  • Power MOSFETs with low RDS(on) and continuous high current capability.
  • Thermal Showdown: Highlighting Nexperia's power diode packaging technology for miniaturization and power density.
  • Conduction, linear mode, and avalanche capability of MOSFETs in a power switch.

Silicon Power

At the heart of all this innovation lies Nexperia’s proven power technologies. And they continue to drive performance and quality across our entire power portfolios. Ensuring that users have the products they need to address their specific application and power requirements.

  • LFPAK power MOSFETs increasing to highest current in BLDC motor control.
  • Linear mode operation of paralleled high current MOSFETs in a power switch.
  • 100 V Diodes deliver the lowest losses for optimal bootstrapping applications.

Wide-bandgap FETs

When it comes to power FETs, Nexperia’s wide-bandgap devices (GaN, SiC) are setting the performance standard. Whether it’s 100 V, 650 V, or 1200 V, its latest products are helping power tomorrow’s innovations.

  • Unveiling exceptional RDS(on) temperature stability with Nexperia's first SMD SiC MOSFETs in a h-bridge configuration
  • Half-bridge evaluation board for benchmarking E-mode GaN FET switching performance.
  • Implementing the bridgeless totem-pole PFC architecture with a standard boost PFC controller.


Designing today is not just about having the right power products and innovative power technologies. Nexperia also creates the most advanced tools to provide knowledge, learning and support for design engineers. From more traditional application handbooks, evaluation boards and models to innovative interactive application notes and pioneering interactive datasheets. Putting you in charge of the information you need to speed up your design process.

Live Talks

Panel Discussion: GaN Wide Bandgap, The Future of Power

Description: Your update on the latest trends with GaN.

Stage: Technology

Date/Time: 12th June, 2:20 pm - 2:20 pm

Joined by: Dilder Chowdhury, Director Strategic Marketing, GaN FETs

Galvanic isolation for automotive & industrial electronic systems

Description: The demand for galvanic isolation has grown with the acceleration of applications such as grid infrastructure, motor drives, factory automation, electric vehicles (EVs), EV charging stations, renewable energy systems, and industrial power supplies.  In this talk, Nexperia will cover the challenges, design considerations, and functionality required for isolated communications and isolated power in high-voltage systems to improve system safety, efficiency, design cycle time, and performance. We will discuss the techniques for galvanic isolation using Nexperia's new digital isolator and transformer driver products for high-voltage power designs.

Stage: Exhibitor

Date/Time: 13th June, 11:40 am - 12:00 pm

Presented by: I.K. Anyiam, product marketing manager, IC Solutions

Accelerating E-Mobility and Industrial applications: Nexperia's GaN FETs and SiC offerings leading the charge.

Description: Gallium Nitride (GaN) and Silicon Carbide (SiC) are game-changers for e-mobility, Industrial and consumer applications offering lower on-resistance and faster switching for enhanced power conversion efficiency. Their ability to operate at higher frequencies reduces the size and weight of the power systems, while their high power density enables more compact designs crucial for any power conversion applications. Discover how Nexperia's GaN and SiC technologies are revolutionizing e-mobility and industrial and consumer applications with faster charging, longer ranges, higher efficiency with compact solutions, and unmatched reliability. Explore the transformative advantages of Nexperia's portfolios, from lightning-fast switching to unparalleled power density, driving innovation in Industrial and automotive applications.

Stage: E-Mobility

Date/Time: 13th June, 1:20 pm - 1:40 pm

Presented by: Dilder Chowdhury, Director Strategic Marketing, GaN FETs