Sol-Ark Introduces Battery Energy Storage System for Fleet EV Charging Stations

Sol-Ark Introduces Battery Energy Storage System for Fleet EV Charging Stations

Sol-Ark, a global leader in smart energy solutions with over six generations of hybrid inverters, announced that businesses are decarbonizing, optimizing energy costs, and driving energy resilience with Sol-Ark's Commercial L3 Series LimitLess Lithium.  The system is designed to be the most efficient, scalable and cost-effective solution to battery energy storage.

A Fortune 50 retailer looking to expand power capacity for Fleet EV Charging Stations at their distribution facility to meet Climate Action Commitments utilized Sol-Ark Commercial Solutions to power the off-grid electrified structures.

"Sol-Ark is deeply committed to helping our customers reach their energy targets and decarbonization goals. Our mission is to democratize energy solutions for businesses, communities, and families," said Tom Brennan, CEO and CTO of Sol-Ark, and a recent EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2023 US National Award Winner.

The L3 Series LimitLess Lithium Battery Energy Storage System, available with native 208V and 480V, includes scalable indoor and outdoor solutions from 40 kWh to 9.6 MWh. The increased safety features include a built-in aerosol fire suppression system in both the module and the cabinet.

"Pinder Tile, the premier supplier of tile in the Bahamas, was faced with the need to decarbonize and a $258K annual diesel bill to power four forklifts and two delivery trucks that can haul up to three tons. I designed a solution that included three separate 75.8kW EV charging stations, powered by Sol-Ark's L3 Series Battery Energy Storage Systems. The installation was seamless. Pinder Tile is meeting their decarbonization targets and is on track to significantly reduce their energy costs," said Daryl Dejoy, President of Island Energy Storage, and a veteran in renewable energy with over 35 years of experience. 

"We consistently choose Sol-Ark inverters and now we are also utilizing Sol-Ark high voltage batteries due to the thoughtful design and seamless integration into commercial installations they provide. With Sol-Ark solutions, we find we have fewer lost production hours, faster code-compliant installations and minimal service calls. Their 7 days a week Tech Support is outstanding. I believe Sol-Ark is the industry standard for current and future solar manufacturers, dealers and installers."