LAND Partners with Bloom to Supply Light Electric Vehicle Battery Solutions

LAND Partners with Bloom to Supply Light Electric Vehicle Battery Solutions

LAND, a Cleveland-based electric mobility and battery manufacturer, announces it is joining forces with Bloom, a Detroit-based aggregated and standardized marketplace offering operations-as-a-service for the Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) industry.

The strategic partnership builds upon LAND's vision: change mobile energy through e-mobility and swappable batteries. With 20 global patents, LAND's compact and connected CORE battery platform moves two-wheel and four-wheel LEVs as well as boats and RVs and provides a portable power grid.

As part of the new collaboration, LAND will be one of Bloom's preferred electric battery suppliers, which will allow Bloom's manufacturing partners the ability to integrate LAND's latest battery technology into their e-motos. In addition, LAND will join Bloom's network of domestic and international partners that are on a mission to 'future-proof' the e-mobility industry through collaboration, shared resources, and vertical integration, ensuring transportation is economically resilient and environmentally responsible.

"LAND has built an intelligent, portable electric battery platform to power other companies," LAND Founder and CEO Scott Colosimo says. "This partnership comes at an ideal time as the U.S. and the industry seek swappable, standardized solutions for electric vehicles."

Bloom is committed to building a robust ecosystem of U.S. based suppliers, to establish a healthy domestic supply chain leading to efficiency among electric mobility manufacturers and greater access to clean tech.

"The CORE battery allows companies to get to market faster by leveraging the battery expertise of LAND," Bloom Co-Founder Justin Kosmides says. "LAND is an excellent addition to the ecosystem we are building, which will allow new brands to grow in a much more efficient way. Economies of scale and shared resources and are critical elements that mature markets depend on and this partnership is a great step in that direction."

With this relationship, LAND and Bloom expect industry partners to experience multiple benefits, including lower production costs and operating in a resilient market.