Cosel Unveils Three Phase AC-DC Power Supply for Semiconductor Manufacturing Applications

Cosel Unveils Three Phase AC-DC Power Supply for Semiconductor Manufacturing Applications

COSEL has announced the launch of the HFA3500TF, a low-profile 3-phase, 3-wire 3500 W AC/DC enclosed power supply design optimized for industrial equipment such as semiconductor manufacturing, laser processing machines, and robotics. Addressing worldwide applications and 3-Phase Delta or 3-Phase Star networks, the HFA3500TF input voltage embraces a wide operating range of 180 VAC to 528 VAC.

Using the latest ‘energy optimized’, digitally controlled switching topology and Wide Band Gap (WBG) semiconductors, the power supply offers an impressive efficiency figure of up to 94% at 400 VAC input and 65 VDC output. The HFA3500TF is available in two output voltages, 48 VDC and 65 VDC, these being adjustable in the range of +15% to -50% using the trim function. The compact, low-profile design comes in at just 41 mm (1.61 inches) high complete with cover, and features two variable speed cooling fans. For higher-power applications, the HFA3500TF can be connected to up to ten units in parallel and deliver up to 31.5 kW.

The HFA3500TF's low-profile design fits into the vertical space of a 1U (44.45 mm) rack unit, clearly advantageous in applications where space is at a premium, facilitating easier integration into compact machines, and saving valuable floor or rack space in industrial environments. To ensure the highest performance and reliability in such a low-profile package, the power supply has been designed for high performance and optimized to eliminate hot spots and facilitate cooling throughout its componentry. To achieve this, the HFA3500TF combines an innovative mechanical layout with the latest developments in power electronics, such as an optimized digitally controlled switching topology and a power stage with Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFETs and diodes, providing up to 94% efficiency at 400 VAC input for the 65 V output model.

Industrial equipment can be installed all over the world and powered from 200 V to 400 V grids, requiring the power supply to operate within a wide range of input voltages. As well as reducing single-phase peak loads and optimizing load balancing on their networks, system architects prefer 3-phase power solutions, for which COSEL's HFA3500TF is designed to accommodate 3-phase three-wire delta or 3-phase three-wire star installation.

With an input voltage range of 180 to 528 VAC, the HFA3500TF is available in two different output voltages, adjustable by using the built-in potentiometer or the trimming function. The 48 VDC/73 A unit is adjustable from 24.00 to 55.20 VDC and the 65 VDC/54 A model from 32.50 to 74.75 VDC. Under nominal working conditions, the output power is 3.5 kW.

In addition to the main output, the HFA3500TF includes a 12 VDC/1A auxiliary output which can be used for remote ON/OFF. The auxiliary output is isolated from the input, output, and Functional Ground.

The HFA3500TF includes inrush current limiting circuitry, overcurrent and overvoltage, and thermal protection. Exhibiting versatility and robustness, the power supplies can be operated in an ambient temperature range of -10 to +70ºC temperature. Two cooling fans with automatic speed control guarantee ventilation of the unit, but depending on the final equipment assembly style and environmental conditions a derating may apply.

For system integration and to reduce conducted noise, the HFA3500TF includes an input filter and complies with the FCC Part15 class A, VCCI class A, CISPR11 class A, CISPR32 class A, EN55011-A and EN55032-A.

The HFA3500TF has an input-to-output isolation of 4,243 VAC, input-to-ground (FG) of 2,829 VAC and output-to-ground (FG) of 2,000 VAC. Complying with IEC62368-1, at its rated load and with 480 VAC, 60 Hz supply the leakage current is 3mA maximum.

Designed for integrated industrial applications in 1U height, the HFA3500TF measures 110 x 41 x 468 mm [4.33 x 1.61 x 18.43 inches] and weighs 3kg max.

The 48 VDC output HFA3500TF-48 is suitable for a wide range of applications including measurement and analysis equipment, machine tools, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment required to sustain sag immunity conditions such as specified by the SEMI F47 standard. The 65VDC model HFA3500TF-65 is ideal for powering Radio Frequency Power Amplifiers (RFPA) and 60 V Lithium-Ion battery chargers.

The HFA3500TF complies with safety requirements UL62368-1, EN62368-1, C-UL (equivalent to CAN/CSA-C22.2 No.62368-1), with the RoHS and Low Voltage directives and carries the CE mark and UKCA

The HFA3500TF addresses applications allowing fan-cooling but in the case of certain industrial applications such as welding robots, tooling machines, and electrolyzers that are often required to operate in harsh environments without ventilation, COSEL offers the HCA3500TF which has been designed for baseplate conduction cooling.