Vishay Intertechnology to Showcase Automotive and e-Mobility Solutions at electronica China 2024

Vishay Intertechnology to Showcase Automotive and e-Mobility Solutions at electronica China 2024

Vishay Intertechnology, announced that at electronica China 2024, the company will be showcasing its broad portfolio of passive and semiconductor solutions that meet the latest automotive and e-mobility needs to deliver accurate and reliable performance in harsh operating conditions.

“The future of transportation is electric, intelligent, and connected,” said Johnson Koo, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing Asia, at Vishay. “The EV revolution is driving demand for advanced electronics not just in cars, but across new energy, industrial, telecom, and computing sectors. Vishay is responding to this new demand equation with a differentiated product portfolio, expanded production capacity, and exceptional customer experiences.”

In hall E3, booth 3600, Vishay will be showcasing its differentiated products and solutions, and the advantages of utilizing them in designs. Among the highlights taking center stage at Vishay’s booth will be:

  • Newly released 1200 V MaxSiC series silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs, which deliver on-resistances of 45 mW, 80 mW, and 250 milli-ohm in standard packages for industrial applications, with custom products also available. In addition, Vishay will provide a roadmap for 650 V to 1700 V SiC MOSFETs with on-resistances ranging from 10 milli-ohm to 1 ohm, including planned releases of AEC-Q101 qualified Automotive Grade products. Vishay’s SiC platform is based on a proprietary MOSFET technology — enabled through the company’s recent acquisition of MaxPower Semiconductor, Inc. — which will address market demands in multiple industrial and automotive applications, including DC/DC converters, energy storage, charging stations, on-board chargers, and traction inverters soon
  • A variety of application-focused reference designs targeting different voltage levels, including a high voltage intelligent battery shunt (HV-IBSS) reference design built on the WSBE series of low TCR Power Metal Strip shunt resistors; 800 V and 400 V active and passive discharge solutions; a 400 V, 11 kW on-board charger; a 48 V, 3.6 kW on-board charger and 48 V, 10 kW traction inverter for light electric vehicles; a 48 V resettable eFuse; and a 48 V / 12 V bidirectional DC/DC converter
  • A smart cockpit component solution featuring the VCNL3030X01 fully integrated proximity sensor with 20 um detection resolution; VEML6031X00 high accuracy ambient light sensor with Filtron technology adaption for a response close to that of the human eye; VETH100A single-line, bidirectional ESD diode that’s compliant to OPEN Alliance 100Base-T1 and 1000Base-T1; and IHPTA series solenoid actuators with high force density and quick response times
  • Power MOSFETs in the PowerPAK 8x8LR package that enable highly energy-efficient designs while reducing the overall PCB temperature, and integrated half-bridge MOSFETs in the PowerPAIR 6x5FSW that reduce component counts and increase power density
  • Standard, Schottky, and FRED Pt diodes and TVS with increased power density and improved thermal resistance in compact DFN packages, and FRED Pt Gen 7 Hyperfast diodes with fast recovery times of 75 ns and low typical forward voltage drop of 1.10 V
  • Capacitor solutions including ceramic disc safety capacitors with capacitance values up to 10 nF; ENYCAP electrical double-layer energy storage capacitors; and robust metalized polypropylene DC-Link film capacitors with high-temperature operation up to +125 °C
  • A wide range of resistor solutions including temperature sensing and high voltage resistors; resistors for discharging; battery shunts; PTC thermistors capable of handling energy absorption up to 300 J; NTC thermistors offering high temperature operation to +150 °C; high precision thick film dividers; high voltage thin film flat chip resistors with excellent stability; non-inductive thick film power resistors; leadless NTC thermistor dies for wire bonding; and Power Metal Strip resistors with extremely low resistance values
  • The IHLE series of high current inductors with integrated e-field shields, and IHSR series devices with extremely low typical DCR and inductance

electronica China 2024 will be taking place July 8-10 at the New International Expo Center in Shanghai. 


  • Country: United States
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