Electric Vehicle Battery by Elinta Motors

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ESS7A.360.42 Image

The ESS7A.360.42 from Elinta Motors is an Automotive-Qualified NMC Battery System that is ideal for electric and hybrid vehicles, industrial UPS and heavy machinery applications. It requires a supply voltage of 365 V. This battery pack provides an energy of 42 kWh (40.80 kWh usable) and has a capacity of 114 Ah. It delivers a constant discharging power of 60 kW and a peak discharge power of 90 kW. This battery system benefits from integrated battery management system (BMS) and climate control ensuring 2000+ charge cycles. It offers a 500 A contactor, manual service disconnect (MSD), high voltage interlocking (HVIL) safety and other necessary features for EV or PHEV applications. It features CAN-bus control and diagnostics providing one point of entry to communicate with all network electronic control units (ECUs). This battery system is available in a module that measures 935 x 633 x 292 mm.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Elinta Motors
  • Description
    114 Ah Automotive Qualified NMC Battery System


  • Vehicle Type
    Heavy Duty Electric Vehicle, Medium Duty Electric Vehicle
  • Cell Chemistry
    Nickel Maganese Cobalt
  • Battery Capacity
    114000 mAh
  • Nominal Voltage
    365 V
  • Charging Current
    400 A
  • Battery Cycle
    2000 Cycle
  • Power
    60 kW
  • Interface
  • Cooling
    Liquid cooled
  • Application
    Electric/Hybrid vehicles, Industrial UPS, Heavy Machinery
  • Dimension
    935 x 633 x 292 mm
  • Note
    Weight :- 228 kg, Capacity :- 42 kWh

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