NMC BPK 44/4.5

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The NMC BPK 44/4.5 from Turntide Technologies is an NMC Modular Battery Pack that is ideal for several off-highway applications such as construction, agriculture, marine, and material handling equipment. This battery requires an input voltage of 44 V. It has a charging voltage of up to 49.8 V and a charging/discharging current of less than 100 A. This battery has a volumetric energy density of 223 Wh/L. It is manufactured using lithium-ion nickel/manganese/cobalt chemistries, to provide excellent gravimetric and volumetric densities in addition to a 15% increase in battery energy. This IP66-rated EV battery pack integrates system controllers for temperature/voltage measurement and internal cell balancing, and offers scalability for increased battery capacity. It can also be used for high-voltage applications by connecting modular packs in series. This battery pack provides proper housing to allow ease of mounting on at least 2 axes. It can be naturally cooled and includes an option for liquid cooling. This EV battery pack is available in a module that measures 441 x 333 x 137 mm.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
    NMC BPK 44/4.5
  • Manufacturer
    Turntide Technologies
  • Description
    49.8 V IP66-Rated NMC Modular Battery Pack for Off-Highway applications


  • Vehicle Type
    Medium Duty Electric Vehicle
  • Cell Chemistry
    Lithium Ion
  • Battery Capacity
    100000 mAh
  • Nominal Voltage
    44 V
  • Charging Voltage
    49.8 V
  • Charging Current
    100 A
  • Discharging Voltage
    37.2 V
  • Discharging Current
    100 A
  • Energy Density
    173 Wh/kg
  • Battery Cycle
    2000 cycles
  • Interface
  • Cooling
    Air / Liquid Cooling
  • IP Rating
  • Application
    Construction, Agriculture, Marine, and Material handling equipment
  • Dimension
    441 x 333 x 137 mm
  • Note
    Operating Cell Temperature Charge :- -20 to 70 Degree C, Operating Cell Temperature Discharge :- -30 to 55 Degree C, Capacity :- 4.5 kWh, Weight :- 26 kg

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