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AMXE132L3GLX134583-BFA Image

The AMXE132L3GLX134583-BFA from ABB is an EV Traction Motor that has been designed for tough environments and to tolerate high shock load, vibration levels, and wide ambient temperature ranges. It delivers a continuous output power of 48 kW and a peak output power of 103 kW. This motor provides a torque of 307 Nm and has a speed of up to 2465 rpm. It can be customized in lengths, windings, and voltage levels to meet the desired motor performance. This traction motor has high torque capability for excellent productivity and responsiveness. It has undergone an extensive amount of testing and advanced simulation procedures to ensure a long product life expectancy. This EV motor is available in an IP65-rated protective enclosure that measures 407 x 333 mm and is ideal for heavy electric vehicle applications.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
  • Description
    IP65-Rated EV Traction Motor for Heavy Electric Vehicle Applications


  • Vehicle Type
    Heavy Electric Vehicle
  • Motor Type
    Synchronous Motor
  • Mass
    97 Kg
  • Motor Speed
    2465 rpm
  • Peak Torque
    657 Nm
  • Peak Current
    187 A
  • Peak Power
    103 kW
  • Continous Torque
    307 Nm
  • Continous Current
    82 A
  • Continous Power
    48 kW
  • Coolant Mixture
    Water with glycol (40-60%)
  • Coolant Temperature
    65 Degree C
  • Operating Temperature
    -20 to 40 Degree C
  • Inertia
    0.0730 kg·m2
  • Pressure Drop
    1 bar @ 20l/min, 65 Degree C
  • Volume Flow Rate
    5-25 lpm (nominal 20 lpm)
  • High Voltage Connector
    Amphenol PowerLok 3POS X-coded
  • Low Voltage Connector
    Harting HAN Q 21 pins
  • IP Rating
  • Dimension
    407 x 333 mm
  • Note
    B5 Flange

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