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SUMO MD HV2200-6P Image

The SUMO MD HV2200-6P from Dana TM4 is a EV Traction Motor with Motor Speed 3700 rpm, Peak Torque 2355 Nm, Peak Power 255 kW, Continous Torque 990 Nm, Continous Power 190 kW. More details for SUMO MD HV2200-6P can be seen below.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
    SUMO MD HV2200-6P
  • Manufacturer
    Dana TM4
  • Description
    2355 Nm, 3700 rpm, EV Traction Motor


  • Vehicle Type
    Light Electric Vehicle, Medium Electric Vehicle, Heavy Electric Vehicle
  • Motor Speed
    3700 rpm
  • Peak Torque
    2355 Nm
  • Peak Power
    255 kW
  • Continous Torque
    990 Nm
  • Continous Power
    190 kW
  • Coolant Mixture
    Water with glycol
  • Coolant Temperature
    65 Degree C
  • IP Rating
  • Automotive Standard
    AEC-Q100, AEC-Q10, AEC-Q200
  • Application
    Ideal for Class 2 to 6 Commercial Vehicles, Light to Medium Bus Platforms and Off-Highway Applications

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