SMAC 200-035

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The SMAC 200-035 from e-comer is 3-Phase Synchronous Motor that is ideal for industrial and commercial applications. It delivers a peak output power of 8 kW. This IP67 rated motor provides a torque of 22 Nm and has a speed of up to 3500 rpm. It is rated to IP54 protection class for high reliability and supports other protection standards up to IP67. This 3-phase motor combines design performance as per the PTY 84-130 thermal protection standard with a liquid-based cooling system for high efficiency during operation.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
    SMAC 200-035
  • Manufacturer
  • Description
    8 kW Liquid-Cooled Three-Phase Synchronous Motor


  • Vehicle Type
    Light Electric Vehicle, Medium Electric Vehicle
  • Motor Type
    Synchronous Motor
  • Motor Speed
    3500 rpm
  • Peak Torque
    48.0 Nm
  • Peak Current
    34 A
  • Peak Power
    8 kW
  • Continous Torque
    22 Nm
  • Continous Current
    11.5 A
  • Coolant Mixture
  • Operating Temperature
    -15 to 40 Degree C
  • Inertia
    0.0057 kg.m²
  • IP Rating
    IP54, IP67
  • Application
    Construction, Agriculture, Emobility, Cleaning, Logistic, Marine
  • Note
    Battery Voltage (VDC ) :- 800 V

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