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The 1AB-02 from Helix is an EV Traction Motor that is ideal for motorsport, automotive, passenger cars, commercial vehicles (class 1-8), off-highway vehicles, aerospace, rail, marine, power generation, motorcycles, hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV), range-extended electric vehicles (REEV), and battery electric vehicles (BEV) applications. This electric motor delivers a peak output power of less than 250 kW and has an efficiency of up to 98%.  It provides a torque of 261 Nm and has a speed of 12000 rpm. This motor leverages helix core technology that combines advanced electromagnetic design with a high-performance thermal management system to cool both the stator and rotor. It offers a compact and robust structure enabling simple installation and integration for easy deployment. This motor features liquid cooling using a water/glycol mixture for high reliability and is compatible with various off-the-shelf transmissions.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
  • Description
    250 kW EV Traction Motor for Electric Vehicle Applications


  • Vehicle Type
    Light Electric Vehicle, Medium Electric Vehicle
  • Motor Type
    Synchronous Motor
  • Mass
    30 Kg
  • Motor Speed
    12000 rpm
  • Peak Torque
    468 Nm
  • Peak Power
    250 kW
  • Continous Torque
    261 Nm
  • Continous Power
    158 kW
  • Coolant Mixture
    Ethylene Glycol 50 %
  • Coolant Temperature
    -10 to 60 Degree C
  • Operating Temperature
    -20 to 60 Degree C
  • Inertia
    0.042 kg.m²
  • Pressure Drop
    0.5 bar with 10 l/min
  • Volume Flow Rate
    10 to 20 LPM
  • IP Rating
  • Application
    Motorsport, Automotive, Passenger Car, Commercial Vehicle (class 1-8), Off-Highway, Aerospace, Rail, Marine, Power Generation, Motorcycle, Hybrid, FCEV, REEV and BEV applications
  • Note
    Battery Voltage (VDC ) :- 850 V

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