MS TF2825C24F2G

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The MS TF2825C24F2G from MS Power is a Fast-Switching Thyristor that is ideal for battery chargers, medical equipment, UPS, power supplies, motor control, transportation, induction heating, and welding applications. It has a break-over voltage of up to 2500 V and a break-over current of less than 56 kA (on-state surge). This thyristor has a gate trigger voltage of up to 4.5 V and a gate trigger current of 450 mA. It provides complete blocking across a broad temperature span and can endure substantial surge currents This silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR) features a distributed gate design for high di/dt immunity. It is housed in a hermetic metal case with ceramic insulation, guaranteeing stability at high temperatures, including corrosive surroundings. This thyristor is available in a disc package that measures 112 x 26 mm.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
    MS TF2825C24F2G
  • Manufacturer
    MS Power
  • Description
    2500 V Fast Switching Thyristor for Battery Charging Applications


  • Breakover Voltage
    2500 V
  • Breakover Current
    56 kA
  • Gate Trigger Voltage
    4.5 V
  • Gate Trigger Current
    450 mA
  • Temperature Operating Range
    -40 to 125 Degree C
  • Industry
    Industrial, Commercial, Medical, Automotive
  • Applications
    Battery Chargers, Medical Equipments, UPS, Power Supplies, Motor control, Transportation, Induction Heating, Welding
  • Dimension
    112 x 26 mm
  • Package Type
  • Note
    IT(rms) :- 4788 A, IT (AV) :- 2825 A, Weight :- 1250 Gram, Turn Off Time :- 70 uSec

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