Generating Isolated Supplies for Industrial ApplicationsUsing the SiC462 in an Isolated Buck Topology

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  • Author: Ron Vinsant
It is common for the power supply requirements in industrial systems to be quite complex. For example, in new factory automation systems such as PLCs and I/O modules, an increasing number of I/O channels is driving higher sensing accuracy. As a result, isolation between different voltages is preferred for digital / analog signal isolation or channel to channel isolation to prevent noise interference from a common ground. The traditional way to achieve these isolated supplies would be to use a flyback converter of the main supply to generate the various voltages needed by the bias supply. Flyback converters need an elaborate compensation design for stability. This results in a tedious design process and a bulky solution with a higher component count and cost. This article explores a simpler way to achieve isolated voltages without the use of a flyback topology.
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