Low Voltage Power MOSFET switching parameters: Testing Methods for Guaranteeing datasheet limits

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  • Author: Anup Bhalla, John Amato, Fei Wang, Hailin Zhou
Power MOSFET datasheets will usually show typical and min-max values for Rg, Ciss, Crss, Coss, and also show values for gate charge broken down into Qgs, Qgd, Qg. It is also customary to show values for switching times during resistive switching, td(on), trise, td(off), tfall. Clearly, once the Rg, Ciss, Crss for the device is measured, along with Vth and gm in static testing, the switching parameters are automatically guaranteed for that device in a fixed switching circuit. Therefore, a measurement of Rg, Ciss, Crss and Coss is enough to guarantee the gate charge and switching time parameters for the device. Including the Coss, this covers all device parameters that affect MOSFET switching losses.
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