RC Snubber Design in EZBUCK Circuit

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  • Author: Zach Zhang

The circuit parasitic inductance in the AOZ101x EZBuck is unavoidable; especially for AOZ1013 and AOZ1014 which use external Schottky diodes - parasitic inductance in PCB could cause severe voltage spike during switch transient. A simple RC snubber across the Schottky diode is strongly recommended for damping the parasitic resonance in the EZBuck regulator circuit when external Schottky is used. The simple RC snubber can 1) Reduce the voltage/current spike; 2) Shift the power dissipation from the semiconductor device to a snubber resistor; and 3) Reduce the noise. The major shortcoming is the RC snubber absorbs energy during each voltage transition and can reduce the overall efficiency of EZBuck.

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